Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4955

“Is the water salty?”

FiveFourSeven thought about it and said with a frown, “This …… I can’t really remember too much to clear it, it’s been too long after all, but I seem to remember that after that time, there was some white residue on the ground and clothes, could it be salt precipitated from the sea water?”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “The probability is that it is salt, if that is the case, then what you experienced at that time should be the Indonesian tsunami, the reason for the permeability is that the earthquake at that time triggered a large tsunami, and many surrounding countries were affected, which included your compound.”

Saying that, Li Yalin circled two ranges on the map and spoke, “So it seems that your garrison, it could be in the western part of South Asia, or it could be in the eastern part of Southeast Asia.”

Afterwards, Li Yalin saw a few more entries and muttered, “There have also been earthquakes in recent years where the Indonesian tsunami originated, but none of them are of a high level, did you guys feel any tremors?”

Five-Four-Seven shook his head and said, “I can’t guarantee that I haven’t felt any tremors in all these years, but I can guarantee that I haven’t detected any significant tremors.”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “In that case, it means that your site is at the relative edge of the impact of the ’04 Indonesian tsunami, and is still largely outside the impact of the subsequent earthquakes in the vicinity, so it’s probably like targeting the area between the ninth and tenth rings on a large piece of target paper, which is a big breakthrough. ”

Saying that, he drew several circles on the map, and finally marked the position in the middle of the two outer circles with a red marker, adding, “Although these parts are also very large, the good thing is that most of them are oceanic, and you said that your site, which felt the tremor in ’04 and had water penetration, is proof that your site, which must not be far from the coastline It should be somewhere on the coast within this ring, or on an island somewhere!”

Five-Four-Seven looked at the circle on the map and spoke with a somewhat complicated expression, “We have been trying for so many years and so many people to figure out exactly where we are, but no one knows ……”

At this point, Five Four Seven suddenly shed two lines of hot tears, allowing them to slide across his face as he stared at the not-so-small circle area and choked out, “Inspector Li …… Thank you ……”

Li Yalin waved his hand and said, “Don’t be in a hurry to thank me now, even this circular area is very large, trying to do a carpet search here is actually very difficult, and before I came, I touched on this matter with Young Master Ye, I think, it’s not quite right to actually go to these areas to search for your quarters yet, we put these issues on paper discussing them, at least we won’t reveal any clues, but once we try to go within this area to find the other side out, we have to be prepared to be discovered by the other side.”

Saying that, Li Yalin added, “Therefore, at the moment, the best way is for us to find the breakthrough point together on paper, and it would be best if we can shrink the target range to a small enough size through cooperative analysis between us, and then have Young Master Ye personally go and make contact.”

Five-Four-Seven nodded understandingly and sighed, “The organisation is indeed very strong, risking contact would likely lead to mischief, and we have not been able to rid ourselves of their rule in the slightest for so many years, we don’t even know their true nature, we simply don’t know how much power they are hiding behind, and it is likely that there is much more room than we can imagine. ”

Li Yalin said, “It is indeed saddening that you have not been able to escape the grasp of this organisation for so many years and generations.”

Saying that, he looked at Five-Four-Seven and said seriously, “I think that if you want to escape the shackles of this tree for a hundred years, then Young Master Ye is definitely your only chance, only he can possibly save you dead soldiers and return you to freedom.”

“Yes!” Five-Four-Seven nodded heavily without thinking and said with a face full of expectation, “My biggest dream right now is to be able to reunite with my wife and children outside, and I’m afraid that only Mr. Ye can help me realize this dream ……”

Saying that, he asked Li Yalin, “Inspector Li, what else can you do to locate our premises in more detail? If I need to provide clues, I’ll be sure to tell you everything!”

Li Yalin looked at Five-Four-Seven and opened his mouth to ask, “Do you guys always fly out on missions?”