Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4951

At one point, Ye Chen felt that finding the exact address of the Five-Four-Seven lineage of dead soldiers would be as difficult as ascending to heaven.

The reason for this was that the mysterious organisation controlled the dead soldiers extremely closely, not allowing them to sense the exact time, nor the light, temperature, sound and seasons of the outside world.

Therefore, the Five-Four-Seven do not even know which of the seven continents they live in, let alone whether they are in the tropics or the cold zone.

Even if the only living person could not produce any substantial clues, it would be even more impossible for outsiders to find the place.

But Li Yalin had found exactly the clues that the mysterious organisation could not control.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons are all powerful natural phenomena. If a strong bunker can still isolate typhoons and tsunamis, even a strong bunker cannot isolate the strong tremors caused by earthquakes.

Those imprisoned in the shadows, or in some kind of underground fortification, may not be able to perceive the sun or the stars, the real sounds and temperatures of the outside world, but when an earthquake strikes, no matter how deep they are underground or in a cave, they are bound to feel it.

Moreover, violent earthquakes do not happen often, and if they have happened before, one does not need a very precise timeline to be able to judge an approximate one, so that as long as the clues match relatively well, the odds are that they will correspond.

However, Li Yalin was not overly optimistic, he said to Ye Chen with a grave expression, “Young Master Ye, the live one you mentioned is the only clue that can be found at the moment that has a connection to that mysterious organisation, if I can successfully find their premises, only then can I possibly find a clue to the mysterious organisation behind it, but if I can’t find their premises, or if by the time I find it they have already evacuated this group of dead soldiers, then I’m afraid the trail will be completely cut off, after all, the mission of that group of dead soldiers failed completely last time, maybe that mysterious organization will move all the dead soldiers to other places out of caution.”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “I think, the odds are that they won’t evacuate, think about it, why would they go to such great lengths to hide this garrison and even use all their efforts to block the perception of these dead soldiers? It’s because such a compound takes a long time and costs to select, build and maintain, and cannot be replaced easily, that’s why they want to make sure that these dead soldiers who are sent out on missions know nothing about where they live, so that even if they fail and are captured, they can’t give up tangible information about this compound.”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “It would be best if this is the case, the dead soldiers’ quarters must be closely guarded by the core members of this organisation, as long as we can find this quarters, we will be able to follow the trail and find the veins of this mysterious organisation.”

Saying that, he looked up at Ye Chen and asked, “Young Master Ye, with my years of experience as a police officer, I have concluded an immutable truth, and that is: contact is always mutual.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Inspector Li might as well expand on it.”

Li Yalin said, “After watching too many police movies, one would think that the police always seem to be able to find the criminals without them being aware of it and keep them firmly in control until they are eliminated, but those kinds of criminals are all relatively low level.”

“There are quite a few highly intelligent criminals who have a very keen sense of smell, and when we have just found a clue to him and have not even locked his identity, he has already found us, and by the time we try to dig deeper for clues, the other party has long disappeared.”

“This organisation you’re talking about is extremely powerful, and once I really start to reach out to them, it’s likely they’ll find me too.”

“Moreover, this is not the police catching criminals, the police catching criminals, normally the worst outcome is just that the person runs away and is not caught, but this mysterious organisation is so much stronger than me, maybe even stronger than you, once we make contact with them, then the situation is likely to get out of control and we might even be exposed to them. “