Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4948

Hearing Ma Lan say that she had been released from prison, Xiao Churan immediately sighed with relief and said excitedly, “Mom, where are you now? Has Ye Chen contacted you?”

Ma Lan was busy saying, “Ye Chen is right in front of me, he was the one who helped me find the connections to get me released.”

Xiao Churan was extraordinarily happy in her heart and said quickly, “Mom, then hurry up and come back with Ye Chen, you don’t know how worried I’ve been about you all this time!”

Ma Lan pursed her lips and said awkwardly, “That …… Churan ah …… Mum doesn’t want to go to Providence, that place is really not interesting, why not stay in New York for a few days, it just so happens that Mom met a friend in prison, we both got out on the same day, she invited me to stay in New York for a few days.”

When Xiao Churan heard this, she refused almost without hesitation, “Mom, you must not trust people outside anymore. Those people out there don’t really want to be friends with you, they’re just trying to get close to you!”

Ma Lan explained, “Oh no, Chu Ran, the friend I met in prison is a very honest person, she was set up by criminals to go to prison, just like Ma.”

As she said that, Ma Lan brought up the story of the compatriot she met in prison and sighed, “Do you know how this sister got into prison? She was selling hairy crabs to her Chinese compatriots in the United States, and one of them turned around and reported her to the police, so she was sent to jail and fined a lot of money! You say how can there be such bad people in this world?”

Xiao Churan was also a bit puzzled, but she was still a bit worried and said, “Mom, you’ve only just gotten out of jail after a long time, I really don’t feel comfortable with you being alone in New York, so why don’t you listen to me and come back to Providence with Ye Chen!”

Ma Lan said firmly, “Geez, Churan! Want to believe that? There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing someone this time. Put 10,000 hearts into it. What else could your mother have to let anyone cheat her now?”

Saying that, Ma Lan, fearing that Xiao Churan would still disagree, said stubbornly, “Anyway, I’ve already promised that sister of mine that I’ll have a good time in New York for a few days no matter what!”

Xiao Churan was helpless, so she spoke, “Mom, then give the phone to Ye Chen!”

“Okay.” Ma Lan hurriedly handed the phone to Ye Chen, and then gave him a wink.

Ye Chen took the phone and then spoke, “Hello, wife.”

Xiao Churan on the other end of the phone asked, “Honey, have you seen the friend that Ma said? Is it reliable?”

In order to cooperate with Ma Lan, Ye Chen could only say casually, “I have seen him, he is quite reliable, and I have asked my clients in New York for more help, so Ma is definitely fine here, so don’t worry.”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Xiao Churan was relieved and said helplessly, “Okay, with that character of my mum, as long as it’s something she decides, even eight horses can’t pull it back, since you even think it’s reliable, then I won’t argue with her ……”

Saying that, Xiao Churan added: “Husband, this time, it’s really too hard for you, working so hard for the trouble my mother made, thank you!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said softly, “Wife, do you still need to be so polite with me? Besides, your mother is my mother-in-law, this is all my part to do.”