Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4490

Liu Manqiong almost collapsed at this point.

She was now incapable of counting the matter of being held by Ye Chen, and only wanted to get rid of the trouble she had caused in a hurry.

She had seen this kind of thing on TV many times, but she had never done it herself.

It was only when Ye Chen had just flirted with her that she couldn’t help but have a little mischievous thought.

But she really didn’t expect that Ye Chen would be able to turn things, step by step, into the current situation, which was so hairy and uncontrollable.

This also made her feel backward for joking for the first time, and even her voice took on a bit of choking as she pleaded, “Ye Chen, count me as begging you, leave Hong Kong Island first, big deal, come back later, but if you don’t leave today, it will definitely be very troublesome!”

Ye Chen saw that her eyes were red and she was almost in tears, so he stopped, let go of the hand that was holding her and said seriously, “Miss Liu, you don’t have to worry about me, I’ll tell you the truth, I came to Hong Kong Island this time, just to find something!”

He said, ignoring Liu Manqiong’s surprised look, he said blandly, “I came to Hong Kong Island, if someone messes with me, I want to dish him out; if no one messes with me, I’ll find a group of people to dish them out too!”

“If that Zhong Zitao had no relationship with the Hongmen, then I might not bother to deal with him in general, but since he has a deep relationship with the Hongmen, then even if he doesn’t provoke me today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I might still have to go to the door and dish out the Hongmen!”

“You’re crazy?!” Liu Manqiong was dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “Why are you coming to trouble Hongmen when you don’t talk about good business? Do you know what Hongmen is? In Hong Kong Island, even the richest person would not dare to go against the Hongmen, it would kill them!”

Naturally, Ye Chen could not tell Liu Manqiong that he had read the information given by Wan Bajun before he got off the plane, and that there were many Hong Kong Island forces that wanted to kill Chen Zhao Zhong and take $30 million in dark flowers this time, and Hong Men’s name was listed.

Therefore, before Chen Zhao Zhong was repatriated back, he himself had to touch base with Hong Men, so he smiled and said to Liu Manqiong, “It’s alright, I’m a man who loves to find excitement.”

Having said that, he intended to end the topic, so he dragged the cardboard box in his arms and asked her, “Don’t you want to deliver something? Shall we go?”

Liu Manqiong, helpless to the extreme, sighed and spoke, “I’ll call my dad and see what he has to offer.”

Ye Chen frowned and turned around, walking outside while speaking, “If you tell your dad about this, then I won’t go back to your house at night, I’ll go out later and ask around to find out where Hongmen’s lair is, and go straight to them for a chat.”

“You ……” Liu Manqiong was so angry that she couldn’t say anything, she had been completely tormented by Ye Chen’s oily attitude, so she could only grit her teeth and say, “Fine, since you don’t want to go, then from now on, I will follow you wherever you go!”

“Fine.” Ye Chen casually agreed and said, “You’re my guide anyway, so just follow.”

Liu Manqiong was dumbfounded and could only sigh, running two quick steps to follow Ye Chen and spoke, “Then let’s not eat out tonight and go home early.”

“Don’t.” Ye Chen waved his hand, “You can go back yourself if you want to, I kinda want to feel the night life of Hong Kong Island.”

Liu Manqiong was helpless: “Fine, fine …… I’ll accompany you that is ……”

Ye Chen nodded, took out his mobile phone and called Wan Breaking Jun.

Once the call came through, Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, what are your orders?”

Ye Chen glanced at Liu Manqiong and opened his mouth to ask: “This person Zhong Zitao, have you investigated him before?”

“Back to Mr. Ye, my subordinate has investigated.” Wan Bajun said, “Zhong Zitao is the eldest son of Hong Kong Island tycoon Zhong Yunqiu, Zhong Yunqiu’s a*sets can be in the top five but not the top three in Hong Kong Island, but he has a deep relationship with the Hong Clan, and the current Grand Master of the Hong Clan is his righteous father.”

He said, “By the way, Hongmen is very interested in Chen Zhao Zhong’s Dark Flower this time, these years the legal system in Hong Kong Island is getting better and better, these gangs that only fight and kill are afraid, their business is shrinking more seriously, and they have many minions under them, their expenses are extremely high, and their overall financial situation is rather tight.”