Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4445

When she saw the words First Prize, Ma Lan’s heart still surged up.

When Qian Hongyan behind her heard what she said, she hurriedly came forward and lowered her head to look.

The first prize was clearly printed on the prize redemption area.

At this moment, Qian Hongyan’s heart was killing her.

“I really can’t understand why this stinking b*tch, Ma Lan, has such good luck.”

“Drawing the first prize as soon as you reach out, is this still a f*cking human being?”

“Seeing this stinking b*tch, Ma Lan, win a million and two, is really worse than losing a million and two myself!”

Ma Lan was already overjoyed by this time, and she hurriedly asked the shopkeeper, “What exactly is the prize for the first prize?”

The shopkeeper said, “Go ahead and scratch the prize, it’s written underneath, but you’ll have to scratch it to find out.”

Ma Lan mumbled, “It better be a million and two hundred thousand dollars in gold bars, I’ll sell it on the other hand!”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but mutter, “Or a one and a half million dollar car would be fine, the discount rate is still quite high when a new car changes hands ……”

Ma Lan chanted as she scratched the back of the scratch section.

As a line of words was scratched out, she eyed the line and her whole body was dumbfounded.

One word popped out of her mouth, “Congratulations …… happy …… you …… won… …got …… bay …… stream ……G …… six …… five …… zero …… private …… people… …fly …… machine ……”

Seeing this, Marlane’s eyes widened and she blurted out, “OMG! It says I’ve won a private jet! A private jet! My goodness, I haven’t even driven this Rolls Royce yet, and I was given a private jet ……”

The shop manager said awkwardly, “Madam, if you scratch further back, there should be another line underneath ……”

“There’s more?” Ma Lan frowned and continued to scratch down.

Her mouth continued to chant, “Privilege …… Enjoy …… Package …… Machine …… Go …… to …… America …… tour …… a …… time?!”

Speaking of which, Ma Lan subconsciously read it out coherently, “Congratulations on your Gulfstream G650 private jet, premium charter to the United States once …… What does this mean?”

The shop manager was busy explaining, “Oops! Congratulations ma’am, you can get a free flight to the US on a Gulfstream G650 private jet!”

“What the hell is this ……? What kind of prize is this ……” said Ma Lan, tearless, “Besides, what kind of plane is this? The price for a flight to the US is a million and two? How much can I pay for a ticket?”

The shop manager said, “Madam, you must know that business jets are always very expensive, especially the Gulfstream G650, which is one of the best business jets on the market today.

Ma Lan threw the winning ticket in front of him and hurriedly said, “I don’t want to go to America, why don’t you give me a discount, I don’t want more, just give me a discount of one million.”

The shop manager said seriously, “Madam, this matter is not up to me.”

With that, he turned the winning ticket over and pointed to the note on the back, saying, “Look, it’s already written here that all prizes are non-cashable and non-transferable.”

Ma Lan, anxious and sweating, blurted out, “But what am I going to do in America! It’s a $1.2 million charter flight! What a waste of a big plane with just me on it!”

The shop manager said, “Madam, this is a free benefit anyway, so if you don’t want it, just give it up.”

Then, remembering something, he added, “Oh yes, I’ll take my mobile phone and record a video for you later, you just have to personally say to the camera that you give up this right to redeem the prize, and I’ll be able to deliver on my side.”

He then reminded again, “And ah lady, your cashback amount, I will tell you when our finance can pay.”

This remark from the shop manager undoubtedly reminded Marashi.

He made Marashi realise that she had run out of money!

“Right now, I only have a measly two thousand dollars left in my hand, if I want to use this amount of money to live through the majority of the rest of the month, then I can only scrimp and save and buy food to cook at home every day, or eat cheap takeaways at home ……”

“Other than that, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford that fuel even if I just drove my Rolls-Royce out for a leisurely drive every day ……”