Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3862

Ye Chen looked at Bernard Elnor and smiled faintly, “Mr. Elnor, our boss asked me to come over to recommend some Chinese antique artifacts to you, so you can see what you are more interested in, and you will definitely be given a certain discount on the price.”

Bernard Aylneau did not expect that the two people who came were actually here to sell something, so he asked with a surprised look on his face, “What do you mean? You still do door-to-door sales?”

Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, saying, “That’s right, and it’s specifically and privately tailored door-to-door sales specifically for you alone.”

After saying that, Ye Chen waved at Zhang Ermao beside him and said, “Come on, Zhang Ermao, take out all those good things you have in your collection and show them to Mr. Elnor!”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly spread out his large bag on the ground.

Zhang Ermao’s usual stall was a large tablecloth with a large pile of scattered things on it.

If the wind and rain come, or if a buyer comes to settle a score, he can just hood the four corners of the tablecloth, grab it and throw it over his shoulder, and run away with it.

Once the wind has pa*sed, the parcel can be thrown to the ground and the business can start immediately.

It’s a must-have for travelling and for setting up a stall.

Bernard Elnor didn’t expect that he would come all the way here to attend such a high profile auction for the Spring Return Elixir, only to encounter such a lo door-to-door sales pitch.

He pointed at Zhang Ermao’s floor of rags and said with a frown, “What is all this rubbish ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “It’s all antique artifacts that are worth a lot of money.”

“What?!” Bernard Elnor immediately pointed at a bronze wine bottle and questioned, “This bronze cup, the foot of the cup is knocked to pieces, look carefully guys, it’s all plastic inside!”

Zhang Ermao looked down and immediately panicked, and quickly whispered to Ye Chen: “Master Ye …… this …… batch of goods is not very good quality, I guess I just packed it together in such a brain, and accidentally knocked it ……”

After saying that, he asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, this foreign old man is fine enough ah, what if he reveals himself now ……”

Zhang Ermao came out to cheat, what he feared most was to reveal himself on the spot or to be caught on the spot.

The most important thing is to buy and sell, and all the work is spent before the consumer buys.

Therefore, in his perception, there is absolutely no room for error before the purchase order is made, and once there is an error, it is the same as losing the customer completely.

However, Ye Chen did not care about this.

He said directly to Zhang Ermao, “Don’t say anything yet, let me do it.”

After saying that, Ye Chen directly picked up the plastic imitation bronze wine bottle and introduced it to Bernard Aylneau very seriously, “Mr. Aylneau, this is a one-to-one replica of a wine bottle according to the culture of our Chinese Shang Dynasty bronze ware. so we can only sell these one-to-one replicas to you foreign friends.”

Ye Chen pointed to the missing corner and explained, “Look, the reason we use plastic as the raw material is to respond to energy saving and environmental protection as well as the carbon neutral, carbon peak concept that is now hot around the world. ”

Speaking here, Ye Chen continued, “This product under normal circumstances, we are all going to sell it for 18 million, but as you can see, this has now become a defective product, so I will give you a certain discount, 17.88 million you take!”

After hearing this, Zhang Ermao’s bladder sphincter tightened in fear and he almost didn’t squeeze out a bubble of urine.

He looked at Ye Chen’s expression as if he had been struck by lightning in shock.

At this point, he was scared to death and couldn’t help but think: “What is Master Ye trying to do? …… This piece of sh*t doesn’t even cost $1.80, he’s selling it for 18 million ……… . this is not to rip people off, this is to lynch ah ……”