Always Been Yours Chapter 1319

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier when this happened?”

He looked down at Wen Shiyu, his eyes full of tension and fear.

Noticing that the man’s hand was trembling, Wen Shiyu took the initiative to hold it and comforted, “Don’t worry, I’m not fine.”

Feng Shenye looked down at the gentle wife in front of him and held her hand tightly back.

“Luckily you’re fine.”

Even though he said that, Feng Shenye did not intend to let it go just like that.

Even if someone had accidentally bumped into her, at that time, Wen Shiyu was in a wheelchair and there was a certain amount of resistance.

Then again, even if she had slid out, it was still a little bit of distance, it was impossible that she had rushed into the road all of a sudden.

All this summed up, it was clear that someone had done it deliberately, taking advantage of the confusion to reach out in the crowd and give Wen Shiyu a hard push.

“Xu, you go and investigate this matter carefully.”


Xu led the way and left.

When the others heard this, they also reacted and whispered.

“Seeing this meaning from General Feng, could it be that someone pushed Miss Wen on purpose?”

“Speaking of which, I felt very up before, even if someone had bumped behind us, Miss Wen wouldn’t have rushed into the road in one go.”

“My God, that’s too scary.”

“Who is so vicious to try to harm Miss Wen.”

Wen Shiyu’s eyes sank as she listened to the shrieks around her.

She was also curious as to who was trying to harm herself in such a deliberate manner.

That night, she was also not able to attend the celebration banquet.

This was because Feng Shenye was worried that the person behind the curtain would have another plan and would have a go at Wen Shiyu at the celebration party.

After the two of them left, a staff member reported what had happened to Mona.

When Mona heard that Wen Shiyu almost had another car accident, she broke out in a cold sweat.

“Is Shiyu okay?”

She asked the staff nervously.

The staff explained, “Miss Wen is fine, the minivan braked just in time, but from what I heard from Mr Feng, it looks like someone deliberately pushed Miss Wen out from behind.”

Hearing this, Mo Na blushed badly.

As for Wen Shiyu being the first to leave, there was no blame.

In her opinion, after being so frightened, it was time to go back and rest properly.

Not to mention that Wen Shiyu was still a patient herself.

At the same time, she thought of this matter, Feng Shenye would definitely not just let it go, and instructed the staff, “If General Manager Feng’s side sends someone to investigate, you have someone a*sist more.”

Wen Shiyu did not know this.

She had just returned home when she heard the sound of Erbao’s crying coming from the living room.

“What’s going on, why is Erbao crying so much?”

As the words left her mouth, she didn’t wait for Feng Shenye to push himself in, so she controlled the wheelchair herself and entered the living room.

In the living room, Pei Xin Yi coaxed Erbao around, “Grandma’s good grandson, don’t cry, you’re breaking grandma’s heart by crying.”

While coaxing the little one, she urged the maid who was making milk next to her, “Has the milk been made yet, Erbao is hungry.”

“It will be ready soon.”

The maid responded as she moved nimbly to shake the milk bottle and then hand it over.

But the little one didn’t drink the milk at all, waving his little hands and crying.

Pei Xin Yi was distraught and anxious, holding the second baby and coaxing and rocking him.

These days, because she couldn’t let go, she had stayed at Di Jing Lan Yuan, taking care of the little one herself, and she had never seen the little one cry so much.

Wen Shiyu was thinking the same thing and anxiously stretched out her hand from the side, “Mom, you give the second treasure to me to hug.”

Pei Xin Yi was a bit surprised to see her, but she couldn’t care less about asking questions and hurriedly handed over the little one in her hand.

I don’t know if he recognized Wen Shiyu’s voice, but the little one stopped crying as soon as he came into her arms.

Looking at the child in her arms, who still had water droplets in the corners of her eyes, Wen Shiyu’s heart was a soft mess.

“Looks like he misses his mummy.”

She nudged the tip of the little one’s nose affectionately.

Although the little one could not understand, he smiled sweetly at Wen Shiyu.