Always Been Yours Chapter 1316

Mona wasn’t afraid though, her voice was cold as she warned, “You should be the one to get lost, Shiyu is a valued guest I invited here, I advise you to mind your manners.”

Dropping these words, she shook Susan’s hand away with force.

Seeing this, Susan gritted her teeth in hatred, her body shaking with anger.

Mona, however, ignored her and pushed Wen Shiyu to the vip card table.

Su Shan’s gaze was shady as she watched the two of them move, and suddenly she laughed, “By relying on her son, her mother has become the young lady of the Feng family by virtue of her son, so it’s no wonder that she has now gained her strength and her ability to choke people has also increased.”

How could Wen Shiyu not hear the sarcasm in these words?

But she is not easy to bully, she immediately shot back, “Mona, is there a dog mixed in with our concert, why do I hear a dog barking, otherwise let the security guard come in and take a look, don’t let this dog bark and scare the audience tonight.”

She deliberately did not look at Susan and looked around in her seat as if she was looking for something.

Mona saw this and burst out laughing at one uncontrollable laugh, thinking that was a really D*mning comment from her best friend.

But she went along with it, “Maybe it’s really into the dog, I’ll get security over here now.”

Susan’s face gave way to anger as she listened to the conversation between the two.

Just as she was about to explode, Hathaway’s a*sistant approached her.

“Susan, the headmaster wants you to come over.”

It turned out that Hathaway had noticed what was going on over here.

She knew that Susan and Wen Shiyu did not get along, so to avoid any conflict, she still separated the two.

Susan, of course, was clear about Hathaway’s intention of looking for her now, and in the end, she still followed.

As she still needed Hathaway’s help now, she could not make too much of a scene.

Mona was also relieved to see her go and couldn’t help but complain, “I really don’t know why the headmaster took such a person into the orchestra.”

“Well, no matter what Head Hathaway’s intentions are, the most important thing now is your next performance, go and get ready, don’t worry about my side.”

Wen Shiyu urged her friend to go backstage.

Mona nodded, barked a few words and went backstage.

After all, it did take a lot of time just now.

Later that night, the show started and the venue was packed to the rafters.

Wen Shiyu looked at her friend standing confidently and openly on the stage, and was genuinely happy and proud of her friend.

She applauded hard and cheered for her friend in her heart.

The performance on stage was also very exciting.

Mona’s piano skills are now very mature and she is also well known in the music industry, so the atmosphere was great.

The group performance was followed by Mona’s solo performance.

Susan hated it backstage as she watched the dust that she had once trampled under her feet now shine on stage.

“Mona, Wen Shiyu, I won’t spare you two b*tches!”

It was clear that all this grace should be hers, it was clear that she was the only star chief of Hathaway’s band.

But it was all ruined when Wen Shiyu came along.

The b*tch had stolen her thunder and now even a Mona was overriding her!

Instead, she could only be a spectator!

Hate, she really hated it!

All her misfortunes had started because of Wen Shiyu, how could this b*tch have a better life than her now.

At this moment, a strong killing intent welled up in her heart, and she couldn’t help but look towards Wen Shiyu at the vip card table.

How good it would be if this woman was dead ……

The Hathaway Orchestra performance went well.

When it ended, there was a burst of applause.

Wen Shiyu was even happier that her best friend had such an achievement.

After she got the flowers she had booked in advance, she headed backstage, wanting to be the first to give her best friend her best wishes.

Backstage, everyone was busy, and everyone’s face was full of joy.

Some people saw Wen Shiyu coming and greeted her politely.

“Miss Wen.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head one by one in response.

Knowing that Wen Shiyu had come over, Mo Na hurriedly put down what she was doing and greeted her, “Why have you come over.”

“Congratulations, the show was a success.”