Always Been Yours Chapter 1217

“No one has upset me, it’s just that I feel that I’ve treated the teachers and the others quite badly this time.”

Wen Shiyu told the story about the teachers leaving.

Feng Shenye lost his smile a little as he listened, “It’s not that simple, I’ll throw a dinner party to thank your teachers and them for coming to support you, it just so happens that your celebration party this time hasn’t been held yet, so we can still put it together then.”

“That’s a good idea.”

Wen Shiyu agreed at once.

The next afternoon, the banquet was held at a hotel owned by the Feng Group.

There were rich and famous people on the scene, and musicians were gathered.

Everyone was talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

There were also specially invited media reporters present for interviews and photos.

The netizens also knew that Wen Shiyu was holding a celebration party today, and they were all waiting on the internet owling to be fed and quenched.

Now that they saw the photos uploaded by the media, all of them were stunned by the extravagance of the scene.

“As expected of the Feng family, it’s simply magnificent.”

“Where’s my goddess, how come none of these media took a picture of my goddess.”

“Same request for my goddess to leave the country, I haven’t seen my goddess for two days now, I’m about to get lovesick.”

Wen Shiyu was unaware of the netizens’ calls.

At this moment, she was wearing a purple casual dress and was holding Feng Shenye as she entered the venue.

With their outstanding appearance, the two of them attracted everyone’s attention almost immediately upon their appearance.

When they came back, many people took the initiative to greet the two.

Wen Shiyu stood beside Feng Shenye with a decent smile.

During this period, there were also quite a few musicians fire come to discuss music with her.

After a while, Pei Xin Yi suddenly came over and smiled, “Shiyu, come with me to meet some of my family’s worldly friends.”

Smelling, Wen Shiyu was naturally willing to do so.

In this way, the two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law walked around the banquet arm-in-arm.

Whenever they came across a familiar family, Pei Xin Yi would stop to introduce them.

“This is Madam Gong’s family.”

“Hello, Madam Gong.”

Wen Shiyu called out obediently, behaving in a generous manner.

Madam Gong looked up and down and found that Wen Shiyu was no worse than the famous ladies of the families, no matter her bearing or appearance.

At that moment she nodded her head and smiled, “A sweetheart, you will be blessed in the future.”

The last words she said were addressed to Pei Xin Yi.

Pei Xin Yi loved hearing this, and the smile on her face grew even wider.

Next, Wen Shiyu met a few more family friends and received countless appreciations without surprise.

That evening, the party went well.

When the party was about to end, reporters started to conduct random interviews.

At this time, a reporter walked up to Pei Xin Yi, “Madam Feng, can I take a few minutes of your time to do an interview?”


Pei Xin Yi nodded her head and agreed, gesturing for the friend beside her to wait for her for a while.

With that, the reporter began the interview, asking, “Madam Feng, I wonder if you are satisfied with Miss Wen as your daughter-in-law?”

“Of course I am satisfied.”

Pei Xin Yi answered without thinking, and the smile on her face was full of compassion.

Although she did feel before that this girl, Wen Shiyu, was not good enough for her excellent son, now, she felt that it was she who had been narrow-minded before.

Although this child’s status was inadequate, her character was first class and she was also very hard-working and progressive.

When the others saw such a Pei Xin Yi, they knew that she was really very positive about Wen Shiyu as her daughter-in-law.

But there were still surprises.

The reporter who was interviewing looked at Pei Xin Yi, who looked like a good mother-in-law, as if she was doing it on purpose, and picked a fight, “It’s not good for Mrs Feng to deceive everyone like this, is it?”

“How did I deceive everyone?”

Pei Xin Yi frowned and looked at the reporter.

Reporter Pi deliberately picked a fight, “I heard from the grapevine that Madam Feng and several other Feng family elders used to be very dissatisfied with Miss Wen, and even forced Miss Wen to leave many times.”

As soon as these words came out, Pei Xin Yi immediately sank her face.

She looked at the reporter coldly, feeling that the reporter in front of her was not here for an interview, but for trouble.

As if not seeing the dissatisfaction on Pei Xin Yi’s face, that reporter again issued another question.