Always Been Yours Chapter 1216

“It says it’s at the hospital.”

Wen Shiyu replied as she tilted her head and leaned on Feng Shenye’s shoulder.

The words had just fallen out, and they were just overheard by little Bao’er who had just come down.

He thought it was because Wen Shiyu was not feeling well and had to go to the hospital, so he ran over in a hurry, “Mommy, are you sick?”

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed when she saw the undisguised worry on his face.

“Mummy is not sick, Mummy is saying that she has to go to the hospital to work this Friday.”

“Then I’m going too, I’ll accompany Mommy to work.”

Little Bao’er looked at Wen Shiyu expectantly.

Wen Shiyu thought that there would be a lot of children there, and Bao’er would be able to play with those children if she went along, so she nodded her head and agreed.

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian had also received the news that Wen Shiyu would soon be the official ambassador and was in a very upset mood.

“This bitch, what makes her better and better?!”

She questioned through clenched teeth, but in her heart, she could not swallow this anger.

Especially when she thought of how she was the eldest Miss of the Mu family, but now because of this woman, her reputation was in disrepute, not to mention that she was now barely able to hold up her head among her friends and family.

Thinking of this, her eyes became even more gloomy and malicious.

She couldn’t let this bitch Wen Shiyu have her way any longer.

Just as she was thinking about what ploy to use, the butler knocked on the door and walked in.

“Eldest Miss, Young Yu is here.”

Mu Wanxian frowned, but still got up and went downstairs to see Yu Hao.

In the living room, Yu Hao was holding a delicate bouquet of roses in his arms.

When he saw Mu Wanxian coming down from upstairs, he walked over with the flowers in his hands.

“Wanxian, it’s for you.”

“Thank you.”

Mu Wanxian took it with a light expression and then handed it to the housekeeper next to her.

These days, Yu Hao came to send flowers every day, trying to please Mu Wanxian.

However, the effect was not great.

Even so, Yu Hao did not care.

As long as Mu Wanxian didn’t break the engagement, it was fine.

He followed Mu Wanxian and sat down on the sofa, ignoring the indifference on Mu Wanxian’s face, and smiled and invited, “I’ve booked a western restaurant over at State Guest Avenue, it’s just right for us to go over and eat at this moment.”

“What, these days you keep coming to me twice a day and asking me out, have you settled those two women outside?”

Mu Wanxian raised her eyebrows and looked at Yu Hao.

Yu Hao also heard the impatience in her tone and hurriedly explained, “I settled those two women a long time ago, furthermore the child in their bellies is not even known to be whose, it is even more impossible for me to admit it, and even if it is really mine, I will not let them give birth to the child!”

“You are cruel enough, you don’t even want your own child!”

Mu Wanxian looked at Yu Hao with a cold smile.

Yu Hao then coaxed her with flowery words, “Who said I don’t want the child, if this child is born to you, I will definitely love it as a baby, anyway, in this life, I am indispensable to you!”

Hearing Yu Hao’s words, Mu Wanxian was actually very disdainful in her heart, but barely managed to pretend to accept it.

Because this person is still of some use to her.


Two days later, Wen Shiyu was almost rested.

Sofia brought a few of her senior brothers and sisters over to visit her.

The few of them were drinking tea and eating snacks and chatting idly.

After a while, Sofia brought up the matter of going back, “Now that your performance has ended perfectly, I plan to take your senior brothers and sisters back in a few more days.”

“So soon? Let’s stay and play for a few more days, teacher.”

Wen Shiyu was a bit reluctant and tried to retain her teacher.

But they were all politely rejected by Sofia, “I’ll come over for a tour when I have the next opportunity, not yet for this period of time.”

In the end, Wen Shiyu had no choice but to ask her teacher the exact time she would be leaving, and she planned to see her off that day.

Even so, she still felt bad in her heart.

After all, the teachers had come to help themselves, but she hadn’t been able to entertain them properly.

That evening, when Feng Shenye returned, he saw Wen Shiyu sitting on the sofa in a low mood.

He walked over worriedly and inquired, “What’s wrong, who has upset you?”