Always Been Yours Chapter 1215

“I will be careful, and will be sure to rest when this matter is over.”

She smiled and nodded, her almond eyes, like stars, bright.

The rest of the meal was extraordinarily cordial.

Pei Xin Yi and Wen Shiyu talked about everything from music to fashion, getting along as if they were friends.

The old man was talking to Feng Tianyi and Feng Shenye about company matters.

Feng Shenjin kept little Bao’er company.

He was very active and made the little one laugh a lot.

Later on, after dinner, it was already very late.

Feng Shenye took Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er back with him.

On the way back, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face never dropped.

As Feng Shenye watched, he took her into his arms and raised his hand to scratch the bridge of Wen Shiyu’s small, upturned nose and said with a smile, “So happy?”

“Of course.”

Wen Shiyu hugged Feng Shenye’s waist, smiling with her eyebrows arched, “I think grandpa is at least accepting me now, as long as I work harder and better in the future, grandpa won’t give you a hard time anymore.”

Hearing these words, it would be false to say that Feng Shenye was not moved.

He had always known that in order to be able to match himself, Wen Shiyu had worked very, very hard to change herself.

“I said, you don’t have to work so hard, I have everything.”

He tightened his arms around Wen Shiyu, his voice was indescribably deep.

Wen Shiyu snuggled into his arms and shook her head, “I know you feel sorry for me, but I feel sorry for you too.”

“Bao’er is also heartbroken for mommy.”

Little Bao’er didn’t dare to be left out at this time, so he also jumped over and hugged Wen Shiyu’s knees.

Wen Shiyu looked at his soft and cute appearance and was adored.

“Mummy also loves Bao’er.”

She reached out and pinched little Bao’er’s fleshy cheeks.

The big one and the little one just played around.

Next to him, Feng Shenye looked at his own awful son coming to fight for favor again, and really wanted to leave the person just like that in the car.


The next morning, the family sat down for breakfast in the dining room.

During the meal, Feng Shenye asked Wen Shiyu, “Do you have any plans for today?”

“Nothing today, I should be at home.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile.

She had trained too hard before, so her teacher had given her a few days off on purpose to take a good rest.

Feng Shenye nodded his head.

It was little Bao’er who was happy, “Great, Mommy can stay home with me.”

When Wen Shiyu saw how happy he was, she also knew that she had left the little one out of the training for a while, so she felt a little guilty at that moment.

She gently rubbed the little one’s black hair and said with a light smile, “From now on, Mommy will stay home with you these days.”

Little Bao’er smiled even more happily.

After eating, Feng Shenye went to the company.

Wen Shiyu played with Xiao Bao’er for a while, and the little one had to go to class.

For a while, she was the only one left at home with nothing to do.

She couldn’t sit still either, so she got up and went to the violin room, intending to take care of each violin.

As she was tidying up, the phone on her body rang, and it was Alice calling.

“Little Sister, the commercial shoot has been finalised and we have to go this Friday, is that okay on your end?”

“No problem on my side.”

Wen Shiyu agreed straight away.

That evening, Feng Shenye returned.

Wen Shiyu sagely went forward to take the briefcase in his hand, and helped him take off his suit jacket and hang it on the hanger next to him.

When he looked at his wife who was busy for him, the tenderness in Feng Shenye’s eyes was almost drowning him, he just felt that such a life was plain and happy.

He waited for Wen Shiyu to finish her work and then took her into his arms and rubbed her, “It’s good to have you.”

Listening to the man’s loving voice, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s lips was also sweet.

The two of them cuddled for a short while in the entrance hall before entering the living room hand in hand.

After taking a seat, Wen Shiyu talked about the shooting of the advertisement.

“This morning, Alice called me and said that the shooting has been booked for this Friday.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head, not really having a problem with it, and asked, “Where is the shooting?”