Always Been Yours Chapter 1214

“I’ll have to ask your sister-in-law about this matter first.”

He did not promise for Wen Shiyu.

After the phone hung up, he got up and went to find Wen Shiyu.

In the living room, Wen Shiyu was sitting on the sofa.

Alice was also sitting next to her, reporting on her work.

When she saw Feng Shenye coming down, she stood up and greeted, “General Feng.”

After Feng Shenye nodded, he sat directly next to Wen Shiyu.

“Are you done?”

He looked at Wen Shiyu sideways.

Wen Shiyu smiled lightly, “Almost done, what do you want?”

“There’s good news to tell you.”

Feng Shenye smiled and told her about the official invitation to be the ‘Ambassador of the Congenital Disease Children’s Love Fund’.

Alice was surprised to hear this, “That’s a good thing.”

Wen Shiyu was also a little surprised.

She didn’t expect the official people to come to her.

“Shen Ye, is this true?”

She still asked again with some disbelief.

After all, she had only performed for the first time in China yesterday.

Feng Shenye looked at her dumbfounded look and smiled as he took her hand, “Naturally it’s true, so do you want to take up the role?”

“Of course I do, like Alice said, it’s a good thing.”

Wen Shiyu agreed with a beaming smile.

Then again, with official support in the future, it would be more convenient for her to do charity work.

Seeing this, Alice also immediately went to work, asking Feng Shenye about some details of the situation.

Later on, after she finished, she went to finalise with the official people the time for Wen Shiyu’s ambassadorial shoot.

That evening, Feng Shenye took Wen Shiyu and Bao’er to the old mansion for a dinner gathering.

During the dinner, Feng Shen Jin brought up the matter of the image ambassador with an honoured face.

“Grandpa, parents, let me tell you, today the official department contacted me and invited my sister-in-law to be the ‘ambassador of the Congenital Disease Children’s Love Fund’, isn’t my sister-in-law amazing.”

When these words came out, both the old man and Pei Xin Yi and her husband were surprised.

Pei Xin Yi looked at Wen Shiyu in surprise, “Have you agreed?”

“Of course it’s a yes, and now we’re already finalising the time to shoot the promo.”

Wen Shiyu gently nodded her head.

Next to her, Little Bao’er also said with a proud face, “Grandma, my mommy is awesome, right?”

“Awesome, very awesome.”

Pei Xin Yi was genuinely happy for Wen Shiyu this time.

It was just that she was still a little relieved about Wen Shiyu’s physical condition.

“It should be very tiring to shoot a promotional advertisement, can your body take it?”

“I’m fine, and this time, I’m filming in the name of the Feng Group for a public good.”

Wen Shiyu explained with a smile.

When these words came out, it impressed the old man.

He didn’t expect Wen Shiyu to give up such a famous opportunity to the Feng family.

Moreover, the fame gained for the Feng family through this event was arguably enough to make the status of the Feng family, in an invisible way, recognised by more and more people.

Equally unexpected were Feng Tianyi and Feng Shenjin, among others.

In reaction, Feng Shenjin became even more courting towards Wen Shiyu.

“Sister-in-law, you are so righteous.”

He said, and gave a thumbs up to Wen Shiyu.

Of course, in his heart, he actually knew very well that the reason his sister-in-law did this was all for his brother.

At the end, he looked towards the old man again, “Grandpa, look at this matter, my sister-in-law has done a beautiful job, right?”

When the others heard this, they looked towards the old man.

Wen Shiyu was also expectant.

She hoped that the old master would approve of her, so that Shen Ye wouldn’t have to be torn between her and grandpa in the future.

Facing the eyes of the crowd, the old master sat calmly in his chair, but in the end, it was rare for him to say something nice.

“It is indeed good.”

He nodded, and looked at Wen Shiyu in a rare and pleasant manner, admonishing, “If it’s hard, don’t push yourself, the Feng family doesn’t lack this reputation, no matter what, yourself and your child are most important.”

Hearing these words of concern, Wen Shiyu was overwhelmed with happiness.

She could sense that the old man had actually accepted herself somewhat.