Always Been Yours Chapter 1213

There were even netizens and fans who felt they hadn’t heard enough and ran to Sofia’s official domestic website to stay.

“Sophia seniors, please make sure to have another special performance of the goddess in the near future.”

“Request 1, it’s simply too good, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to it even for the rest of my life.”

“It feels like every song my goddess pulls is a classic, I hope for another one.”

Netizens and fans alike were very much looking forward to Wen Shiyu’s second performance.

But this wish of theirs was destined to be dashed the next day.

Because when Sofia was interviewed, the host asked the question.

“Many people are now very eager for Miss Wen to put on another performance, I wonder what senior Sofia is planning to arrange?”

“About this matter, I regret that Tokyu she will not be holding a second special show anytime soon.”

Sofia responded as she sat gracefully on the sofa.

The host was surprised and hurriedly asked, “Why won’t you hold a second show, this time Miss Wen’s performance was very successful, doesn’t Senior Sofia plan to let Miss Wen ride on her success?”

“Naturally I want our Shiyu to get better and better, but it takes a lot of energy to put on a special show, Shiyu is about to give birth now and her body can no longer carry the load, and this special show is already the limit for her.”

Hearing this, the host was disappointed.

And once this interview was broadcasted, a large number of netizens and fans were also very disappointed.

“It’s too bad, I was thinking of hearing the goddess play live once more.”

“It’s a shame, but still understandable.”

“Looking forward to the Goddess’ performance after she returns from having a baby, it will definitely be even better than this time.”

“Looking forward to it all the same.”

For this reason, many netizens and passers-by have followed Wen Shiyu’s Weibo, just to be the first to get news about the performance.

On the Feng family’s side, there were also positive reviews.

In just half a morning, Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tianyi received many phone calls from their long-time friends.

“Xin Yi, your daughter-in-law is a great find, she has done your family proud.”

“No, no, your family’s daughter-in-law is not bad either.”

Pei Xin Yi’s mouth was modest, but her heart had already burst with joy.

The same scene happened here with Feng Tianyi.

“Tianyi, you are also too good at finding a daughter-in-law for your son, you are simply envious of us old guys, now your Feng’s group is all about fame and popularity!”

And what his friend said was not at all true.

Because all the proceeds from Wen Shiyu’s performance went to charity, the netizens’ goodwill towards the Feng Group was on the rise.

The Feng family’s face was also in high spirits as a result.

Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tianyi were overjoyed.

Even the old man had a rare smile on his face, and his heart recognized Wen Shiyu a little more.

However, what made them even happier was yet to come.

That morning, Feng Shenjin received a call from the official department at the office.

After a brief introduction, the person on the other end got straight to the point.

“Mr. Feng, we hope that Miss Wen Shiyu Wen can serve as the country’s ‘Ambassador of the Congenital Disease Children’s Love Fund’ to promote the spirit of public welfare so that more children can be saved and treated.”

After the phone call hung up, Feng Shenjin still had shock and disbelief on his face.

With a dull gaze, he looked at the assistant next to him and instructed, “You pinch me.”

When the assistant heard this request, he was also dumbfounded.

What was his vice president so stimulated by this that he was seeking abuse himself?

Without waiting for him to ask, Feng Shenjin’s urging voice rang in his ears once again, “Hurry up, pinch me a little.”

The assistant had no choice but to put his hands on him.

An ouch.

Feng Shenjin winced as he ate the pain, but smiled like a fool and said to himself, “It’s true, it’s surprisingly true, no, I have to call my brother and tell him the good news.”

When Feng Shenye received a call from his brother and learned of the official invitation, he was also happy for Wen Shiyu.