Always Been Yours Chapter 1211

Little Bao’er and Wen Jingchen did the same.

“Little uncle, my mummy is so good, right?”

The little one inquired excitedly.

Wen Jingchen nodded vigorously, “Yes, very impressive!”

The two of them were bragging about Wen Shiyu.

Next to them, Feng Shenjin could not help but laugh and cry at their words.

His sister-in-law was naturally the best and most outstanding in the world!

At the same time, this beautiful and fantastical performance was also broadcast live on the platform of the media company under the Feng Group.

For this reason, netizens who were originally sorry that they could not be there, their favorable feelings towards the Feng Group soared.

“Mr. Feng is so powerful, now there’s no need to regret not being able to see the goddess’ performance.”

“My goodness, there are actually so many celebrities and music industry bigwigs here at the venue!”

“What heavenly sound is this, I feel like my ears are pregnant!”

Netizens were praising Wen Shiyu.

Fans were even more honoured, calling out for Wen Shiyu in various ways online.

“As expected of the goddess I have my eye on, it’s a showstopper.”

“I’ve decided, I’m going to be a fan of my goddess for life!”

“Such great music, I really want to hear it everyday, Goddess, are you still short of leg pendants?”

In the hospital, the old lady of the Wen family sat on the hospital bed, her face not looking very good.

It was because she thought of how Wen Shiyu hadn’t come to visit her for many days in a row, and how Wen Jingchen kept leaving her to Gu Shihan.

In just a few days, she had learnt how powerful this girl was.

She was even better at swearing than she was, without using a single dirty word.

As a result, Gu Shihan had ruled the old lady into submission, not daring to utter a single fart.

This evening, however, Gu Shihan was not here because she was going to see Wen Shiyu’s performance.

There was only one nanny in the ward.

When the nurse came to check on the room, she saw that the two of them did not have the TV on and was a little surprised, “Isn’t it Miss Wen’s performance tonight, why aren’t you watching it?”

“A violinist, what’s there to see.”

The old lady snorted coldly, not thinking that Wen Shiyu could be any good.

When the nurse heard this, she frowned slightly and couldn’t help but speak for Wen Shiyu, “Miss Wen is excellent, old lady you are too prejudiced against Miss Wen.”

“How do you nurse speak, it’s none of your business if I’m biased or not?”

The old lady had been holding her anger for the past two days because of Gu Shihan.

Now that a nurse had even come to speak for that bitch Wen Shiyu, she directly exploded.

“This is my family’s business, why do you care so much about it, just do your job.”

She scolded her head.

The nurse was also a bit uncomfortable in her heart, feeling that this old lady did not know what was good for her.

Originally, she wanted to leave, but when she thought that Wen Shiyu would always bring fruit to them every time she came to the hospital, she put up with it.

She walked over to the television in the ward and tuned right in to Wen Shiyu’s show.

“Since you don’t believe me, just take a look, the show is broadcasted.”

With those words, she put down the remote control and turned to leave.

Instead, it was the old lady who saw Wen Shiyu on the TV with a start and froze a little.

On the television, Wen Shiyu was wearing a white gorgeous dress, standing straight on the stage, playing the violin with confidence and flair.

She had never seen such a Wen Shiyu before.

At this moment, she felt as if Wen Shiyu was radiant and outstanding all around her.

The nanny who had been quiet next to her was also attracted by Wen Shiyu on the television.

Especially when she heard the violin piece played out by Wen Shiyu, she could not help but praise, “Miss Wen plays so beautifully.”

Hearing this praise, the old lady looked at Wen Shiyu again and looked a bit dazed.

“Do you think she’s excellent too?”

She asked the nanny.

The nanny was stunned for a moment and said with some uncertainty, “Old Madam, are you asking me?”

“Is there anyone else here but you?”

The old lady glanced at her.

The nanny smiled sarcastically and replied, “I think Miss Wen is excellent and so strong and inspiring that my daughter is a fan of Miss Wen.”