Always Been Yours Chapter 1097

“As long as you’re happy.”

She said, turning her head to check on little Bao’er.

And after this interruption, her mood was not as tense as it had been a moment ago.

As for little Bao’er, the fever had slowly gone down by now.

Only later, when the water was finished and the doctor had checked that he was fine, did the two of them take the baby back.

The little one woke up in Feng Shenye’s arms just as they arrived home.

“Daddy, mommy.”

He arched uncomfortably in Feng Shenye’s arms.

Feng Shenye gently patted his buttocks and said softly, “Be quiet, you’ll fall down later.”

Little Bao’er pouted, “Bad daddy, I’m sick and you don’t coax me, you even hit me, still mommy is better.”

Wen Shiyu watched the interaction between father and son from the side and was relieved to see that Xiao Bao’er was still in the spirit to fight with his father, obviously he was quite well.

Even so, she hurried up to him and said, “Is there anything else wrong with you, are you still dizzy?”

“My head isn’t dizzy anymore, I’m just a little hungry.”

Little Bao’er said and touched her stomach pitifully.

When Wen Shiyu saw this, she was heartbroken, “Then you and daddy go back to your room first, mommy will go and make some food for you.”

“Mummy is the best.”

Little Bao’er happily peeked out and gave Wen Shiyu a kiss on the cheek.

That warm touch made Wen Shiyu’s heart soften to the core.

At that moment, she urged Feng Shenye, “Take Bao’er up to rest, and remember to close the windows in the room so that he doesn’t get winded.”

Feng Shenye was unable to do so, so he could only carry Little Treasure upstairs.

But before he left, he called the housekeeper to go to the kitchen to help Wen Shiyu cook.

Half an hour later, Wen Shiyu entered the room carrying the congee and small dishes she had personally boiled.


Little Bao’er smiled happily when he saw her.

Feng Shenye also went forward to help Wen Shiyu take the dinner plate.

After setting up the meal, originally Feng Shenye wanted to feed the little one, but was met with the little one’s refusal.

“Mummy, I want you to feed me, can you?”

Looking at little Bao’er’s wet eyes, Wen Shiyu could not refuse to chat and immediately agreed.

Wen Shiyu patiently blew on the cold porridge and fed it to the little one, one bite at a time.

The little one ate happily and said in a soft voice, “Mummy’s cooking is just delicious.”

After eating, although little Bao’er was a little more energetic, he had just had an illness and soon fell asleep again.

Wen Shiyu also looked tired as she stood by.

After all, she had been tossing and turning for most of the day, and she was still pregnant with her baby, so her energy was not as good as before.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye was as distressed as anything and persuaded, “Go back and rest, I’ll have the maids come and keep watch later.”

Wen Shiyu hesitated, but still nodded her head and agreed.

Although she was not at ease with Bao’er, she could not let Shen Ye worry about herself.

Even so, she hadn’t slept very soundly this night and had to get up to check on little Bao’er.

This, Feng Shenye could not persuade, and in the end, could only let it go.


The next day, because she was thinking about the little one’s condition, Wen Shiyu got up early.

The first time I went to the little one’s room, I didn’t expect to find anything.

“Mommy, daddy, you guys are staying in bed today.”

Little Bao’er saw Wen Shiyu and his wife coming down from upstairs and ran over to greet them with a bounce of life.

When Wen Shiyu heard this, she was angry and amused, but the stone that had been hanging in her heart was completely put down.

“Little heartless one, who do you blame for Mommy and your daddy staying in bed?”

She pretended to be angry and looked at Little Treasure.

Little Bao’er was a little annoyed that she had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly went forward to please Wen Shiyu in every way.

In a short while, the living room was filled with cheerful sounds.

After breakfast, Feng Shenye knew that Wen Shiyu hadn’t rested much last night, so he persuaded her, “There’s nothing to do, you can sleep again.”

Wen Shiyu thought about it, as Bao’er had to attend cla*s in the morning and didn’t need her to look after her, so she agreed.

And she slept until noon straight away before she was woken up.

Seeing Feng Shenye in front of her, who was dressed in home clothes and timeless, Wen Shiyu blinked her eyes and said with some surprise, “Why didn’t you go to the office today?”