Always Been Yours Chapter 1096

To be precise, she was the only one who was anxious from the beginning to the end, but Feng Shenye was extraordinarily calm.

However, she also understood that Feng Shenye was not unconcerned about little Bao’er.

After all, if both of them were to panic, there was no telling how long Xiao Bao’er’s situation would be delayed.

So Feng Shenye needed to keep his wits about him to deal with the unexpected situation.

At the same time, she was also glad that Feng Shenye was here today, otherwise she wouldn’t have known what to do.

It seems she will have to work on this in the future.

After all, Feng Shenye could not be by her side every minute of the day, and she could not guarantee that her child would not get sick in the future.

If the child’s illness became serious because of her, she would never be able to forgive herself for the rest of her life.

Thinking about it like this, Wen Shiyu felt quite emotional in her heart.

“Shenye, let’s not have any more after this one is born, okay, let’s just love them both well in the future and give them all the care we can.”

She looked sideways at Feng Shenye.

The main reason was that she was worried that with more children, she wouldn’t be able to take care of herself, and that two children would be just right and wouldn’t be lonely.

Feng Shenye had a rough idea of what Wen Shiyu was thinking, and was moved to death.

The fact that Wen Shiyu does not know that she is Bao’er’s real mother yet, but can say such words, is enough to show that she really considers Bao’er as her own.

It’s just that ……

“But what if the one in this belly is a son?”

Feng Shenye put his arm around Wen Shiyu and asked.

The fact that Wen Shiyu listened was very puzzling, “A son is a son, what’s the difference?”

After she finished speaking, an image suddenly flashed in her mind.

She remembered that Feng Shenye had told her that he wanted a daughter.

This man couldn’t be thinking about a daughter this time, could he?

In fact, it was true.

Feng Shenye was also thinking of a daughter this time.

As for a son, he already had one, and it was the son who always spoiled his fun.

One son was enough for him, he didn’t want another one.

However, Feng Shenye would not say this to Wen Shiyu, so he vaguely said, “It’s not the same anyway.”

Originally he thought he was hiding it well, but unbeknownst to him, Wen Shiyu could still see it, and he let out a giggle at that moment.

“You, you’re already so old, why are you still jealous with your own son?”

Wen Shiyu teased Feng Shenye.

When Feng Shenye saw that his little mind had been exposed, he no longer hid it and said frankly, “I don’t want another son who will steal my wife from me, so I still prefer her to be a daughter, preferably a cute and sweet daughter like you, when the time comes I will spoil her into the happiest little princess.”

As he spoke, a pink and tender daughter, as well-behaved as his wife, was already sketched out in his mind’s eye.

Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but lose her smile as she looked at the man who had a daughter’s face.

But soon she deliberately grimaced and teased, “What, if it were a son you wouldn’t like him and spoil him?”

“How is that possible, I would like it just as much.”

Hearing his wife’s unkind tone, Feng Shenye hurriedly changed his tone.

Only at the end of the sentence, he still wanted to stick to his idea, “But I still like my daughter.”

Wen Shiyu cried and laughed, then raised her eyebrows and said, “Well, a daughter is not bad, but I don’t know which boy will abduct and bully her when she grows up, so what will you do then?”

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye immediately frowned.

Especially since his future daughter, whom he had grown up spoiling in his heart, was going to be abducted by a man who didn’t know who it was, he instantly had the heart to beat people up.

“Then just don’t let her get married, I’ll raise her for life.”

At the end of the sentence, he was still proud of the idea.

In his opinion, there was certainly no one in this world who spoiled his daughter more than he did.

As soon as Wen Shiyu saw this expression, she knew what was going on in the man’s mind and shook her head speechlessly.

In fact, she was tempted to say, “Women are too big to stay.

But when she thought that this was also Feng Shenye’s fatherly love, she could not bear to touch the cold water.