Always Been Yours Chapter 1086

“Let’s go home too.”

He took hold of Wen Shiyu’s hand and carefully a*sisted her to leave.

The smile on Wen Shiyu’s face became even sweeter.

Because she liked what Feng Shenye said about going home.

Thinking about it, she saw the man’s perfectly defined jaw with a slight sideways glance and just felt that it was such a good day.

When she returned home, Wen Jingchen and Xiao Bao’er had already returned.

When little Bao’er saw them enter, he immediately ran over to them, “Daddy, Mommy, where did you go to play?”

“Mommy and your daddy went to take pictures.”

Wen Shiyu led the little one to sit on the sofa.

Who knew that when the little one heard this, he looked at Feng Shenye with an accusing face.

“Bad daddy, even if you stole mommy, you didn’t even take me with you to take pictures with mommy, that’s so bad!”

Feng Shenye raised his eyebrows and teased, “Who was the one who couldn’t wait to go play as soon as he woke up from his nap?”

When he said that, Little Treasure couldn’t refute it.

He glared at Feng Shenye in exasperation and was instantly aggrieved.

“Mummy, daddy is bullying me.”

Wen Shiyu smiled as she hugged the little one who had come to her to accuse her and said soothingly, “It’s okay, Mommy will help you bully him back.”

Hearing this, little Bao’er was instantly happy and proudly showed off to his daddy.

“Daddy, Mummy really does like me the most.”


Was it too late for Feng Shenye to throw this son back to Vienna?

Little Bao’er didn’t know that he had almost been sent away.

After showing off, he hugged Wen Shiyu again to be cute, “Mommy, Bao’er also wants to take pictures with you.”

When she met the little one’s wet and expectant eyes, Wen Shiyu could not resist.

At once she promised, “What’s wrong with that, you’ll go with Mommy tomorrow, and we’ll have Miss Qu take some pictures then.”

“Yay, Mummy is the best, Bao’er loves Mummy the most.”

The little one begged for what he wanted and hugged Wen Shiyu happily.

After laughing and joking, Wen Shiyu asked little Bao’er where she had gone to play today.

“Little uncle took me to the water band. Mommy, I’ll tell you, little uncle is very good, he took me to compete with others and won first place every time, and also took me to play a lot of fun.”

The little one danced around talking about their afternoon excursions.

Wen Shiyu pinched his nose affectionately and smiled, “Did you have fun?”

“Happy, very happy, I’m going to play with my little uncle again tomorrow.”

Little Bao’er was so excited that he had forgotten that he was going to take pictures with his mummy tomorrow.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu was amused, “So you’re going to play with uncle tomorrow and not go to the photo shoot with mummy?”

“Going to take pictures, not play.”

Little Bao’er anxiously changed her words, and also spoke to Wen Jingchen in a serious manner, “Uncle, Bao’er will go play with you the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay, the day after tomorrow, uncle will take you to play again.”

After Wen Jing Chen finished speaking, he looked at the time again and smiled, “I’ve booked a restaurant on the beach, it’s almost time to eat now, let’s go over.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head.

Half an hour later, a few people drove to the restaurant on the beach.

The location of this restaurant was very good, there were no other buildings around to block the sea view, and the arrangement was also very warm and beautiful.

“It is said that the ingredients in this restaurant are all top quality ingredients salvaged from the deep sea side, and the chef’s skill is even the best in this area, so you can try more later sister.”

Wen Jingchen was helping Xiao Bao’er set up the tableware while chatting with his own sister.

Hearing her brother’s words, Wen Shiyu’s anticipation for the food that was to follow rose a little.

It didn’t take long for the dishes they ordered to be brought over one after another by the waiters.

Feng Shenye had long seen Wen Shiyu’s with leap of faith, so when the first dish was brought up, he was the first to help Wen Shiyu peel the shrimp shells.

“Thank you, husband.”

Seeing the shrimp meat placed in the bowl, Wen Shiyu smiled with arched eyebrows.

Feng Shenye was very flattered and said with a light smile on his lips, “Taste it and see if you like it, I’ll peel it for you again if you like it.”

Wen Shiyu nodded and put the prawn meat into her mouth, followed by a look of enjoyment.