Always Been Yours Chapter 1078

Looking at Feng Shenye who did not say a word, Wen Shiyu thought that this person was still angry, so she immediately pouted again.

“Don’t be angry, okay? In the future, as long as you don’t agree to anything, I won’t do it, okay?”

Feng Shenye hadn’t been too angry, and now that he heard his little wife’s various admissions of wrongdoing in the form of land cuts, he immediately laughed.

He intimately pinched the tip of Wen Shiyu’s nose and deliberately teased, “This is what you said, listen to me in the future.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t even notice that Feng Shenye was teasing herself.

When she saw Feng Shenye finally smile, she nodded her head repeatedly and said obediently, “Listen to you.”

The two of them laughed for a while before the housekeeper brought in dinner.

After eating, Feng Shenye let Wen Shiyu sleep again.

Wen Shiyu was indeed a bit tired, so she fell back to sleep in a daze before long.

When she woke up again, it was already the middle of the night.

When she turned her head to one side, she saw Feng Shenye leaning against the bed beside her, looking at the documents.

On the other side was Bao’er.

The small body was nestled trustingly against her, sleeping extraordinarily soundly.

When Wen Shiyu saw this scene, her heart was warmed.

At this time, Feng Shenye also noticed that she had woken up and immediately put down the documents in his hand and helped the person up to sit against the head of the bed.

“How do you feel now?”

“Feeling much better, don’t you worry, I’m fine.”

Wen Shiyu rea*sured Feng Shenye.

But Feng Shenye was still uneasy and raised his hand to touch her forehead.

Looking at the man’s nervous expression, Wen Shiyu was touched and unforgiving at the same time.

With a twinkle in her eye, she had an idea in her mind, then holding her stomach, she looked at Feng Shenye pitifully, “The baby’s father, the baby says he’s hungry and wants to eat.”

Feng Shenye froze for a moment before he responded that Wen Shiyu was calling for himself.


He doted on Wen Shiyu’s forehead, but his heart softened even more because of that name.

Wen Shiyu blinked, knowingly asking, “Am I wrong?”

Faced with such a quirky little wife, the tenderness in Feng Shenye’s eyes was turning into substance.

“What you said is all right.”

He gazed at Wen Shiyu with deep affection.

On the contrary, Wen Shiyu, being looked at by him like that, was actually a little shy.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Wen Shiyu raised her hand to cover Feng Shenye’s eyes.

Feng Shenye let out a low, deep laugh, his voice was very pleasant.

Even so, he hadn’t forgotten what Wen Shiyu had just said.

He pulled down Wen Shiyu’s hand, got up and got out of bed and said, “I’ll have someone heat up some midnight snacks in the kitchen, I’ll go bring them up for you.”

As he spoke, he had already disappeared into the room.

But Wen Shiyu was smiling sweetly on the bed.

The kitchen was still warm at this late hour, so it was obvious that Feng Shenye had saved it for her on purpose.

Not long after, Feng Shenye came up with the midnight snack.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw his little wife sitting on the bed, giggling, and couldn’t help but walk over to her, “What are you thinking about, laughing like a little fool?”

“Who looks like a little fool?”

Wen Shiyu pouted and glared over.

Feng Shenye realised that something was wrong and hurriedly changed the subject, “This is the congee I had the kitchen make for you tonight with chicken soup, try it.”

Wen Shiyu was also really hungry, so she ate it right away with Feng Shenye’s hand.

This congee was very fresh and fragrant.

Before he knew it, Wen Shiyu had eaten half a bowl.

The man in front of her was so dedicated to feeding himself, and the way he took care of her today, she felt like she was being served like a princess.

“Puff ……”

Wen Shiyu was amused by her own thoughts, yet she felt that such a life was actually not bad.

Because it was just too happy!

Early the next morning, Wen Shiyu was already well.

She went downstairs to accompany Feng Shenye and Bao’er to have breakfast together.

Wen Jingchen hadn’t gotten up yet because he was a little late dealing with work last night.

When he came downstairs, he saw his own sister sitting in the living room arranging flowers.

“Sister, how are you?”

He walked over and asked with concern.

Wen Shiyu nodded, “It’s already fine, you don’t need to worry.”