Always Been Yours Chapter 1076

Feng Shenye also knew that his parents were worried about Wen Shiyu, so he nodded his head to show that he understood.

Even so, Pei Xin Yi was still uneasy and said a few more words.

“It’s not that we have to stop her from pursuing her dreams, when this child is born, your father and I will not care what you want to do.”

After listening patiently to a few words, Feng Shenye couldn’t help but interrupt, “It’s getting late, Mom and Dad should rest early, we have to rush to the airport early tomorrow morning.”

After he finished speaking, he sent a glance to Little Bao’er.

The little one was also resourceful, after understanding daddy’s meaning, he immediately pounced and hugged Pei Xin Yi’s knee.

“Grandma, you are leaving tomorrow, Bao’er can’t miss you, can Bao’er sleep with you at night?”

“Of course it’s good.”

Pei Xin Yi couldn’t resist her grandson’s attack, so she forgot what she wanted to say and hugged her grandson and prepared to go back to her room.

Feng Tianyi did notice the father and son’s little gesture, but did not reveal it.

He believed that his son had a sense of propriety.

The next day, Wen Shiyu woke up and felt a slight throbbing pain in her head, which was a little heavy.

As the symptoms were not very serious, she did not show it.

While washing up, Feng Shenye thought about his parents leaving and talked to Wen Shiyu about it.

“Mom and Dad are planning to go back today, the tickets have been booked, and they will be leaving after breakfast later.”

Although Wen Shiyu was a little surprised, she didn’t say anything.

Later in the evening, after eating the morning meal, the group was ready to leave for the airport.

Originally, Wen Shiyu also wanted to go along, but was prevented by Pei Xin Yi, “Your stomach is already so big, the airport is full of people, what if people bump into you?”

When Wen Shiyu thought about it, she agreed, as the pain in her forehead was getting worse.

In the end, Feng Shenye drove the two old men to the airport himself.

When he came back from the airport, it was already two hours later.

When he walked into the living room, he found that the surroundings were very quiet and could not help but call the housekeeper to ask, “Where are young madam and young master?”

“The young master is upstairs in cla*s, the young lady is probably too tired and went back to her room to sleep not long after you left.”

The butler reported respectfully.

Feng Shenye frowned always feeling that something was wrong, lifted his steps and went upstairs.

In the room, Wen Shiyu was lying in a daze on the bed, her brows were furrowed and she didn’t look very comfortable.

Feng Shenye came in and saw this scene, immediately noticing the difference.

“Shiyu, wake up.”

He quickly stepped forward and originally wanted to wake Wen Shiyu up to ask where she was uncomfortable.

As soon as his hand touched Wen Shiyu’s cheek, he felt a little hot, it was a fever!

His face sank and he hurriedly walked out of the room and called the housekeeper up, “Young lady has a fever, go get a basin of hot water and bring a clean towel over now.”

Because of his pregnancy, he couldn’t give Wen Shiyu any medicine, so he could only use physical cooling.

Although the fever was only low, Wen Shiyu was also confused.

She noticed someone beside her and thought it must be Feng Shenye, but her eyelids felt like they were a thousand pounds, making her unable to open them.

Feng Shenye held a towel over and over again to help cool Wen Shiyu down, and stood by again, the worry in his eyes turning into substance.

Little Bao’er also heard about Mummy’s illness after cla*s and came trotting all the way over.

“Daddy, Uncle Butler said that Mummy is sick.”

Although this was said to Feng Shenye, he stood on his padded feet by the bed, looking at Wen Shiyu with worry.

“Mummy ……”

He called out to Wen Shiyu in a small voice.

But Wen Shiyu did not give any response.

The little one was so worried that he turned his head and asked Feng Shenye again, “Daddy, what’s wrong with Mommy?”

“Your mommy has a fever, so don’t disturb her and let her rest.”

Feng Shenye explained briefly, and then continued to help Wen Shiyu physically cool down.

Little Bao’er covered her little mouth and stayed by her side in order to let mummy rest properly, not making any noise.

When it was almost noon, Feng Shenye felt that it was not good for Wen Shiyu to sleep like this, so he had the kitchen boil some porridge and then woke her up.