Always Been Yours Chapter 1072

In the morning, she spends time with Pei Xin Yi arranging flowers or catching up on drama, and in the afternoon, she spends time with the old man, making tea.

The days were uneventful but happy.

After two days of playing, the old man suddenly announced, “I’m planning to go back tomorrow, what about you guys?”

The last sentence, he was looking at Pei Xin Yi and her husband and wife to ask.

As for why he didn’t ask Feng Shenye, because he knew very well that it would be a waste of time to ask.

It was impossible for Feng Shenye to leave Wen Shiyu.

Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tianyi looked at each other and a decision was made in their hearts.

“We want to go back every now and then, so why don’t you stay for a while longer too, Dad?”

The two old men could not bear to see their precious grandson and wanted to stay a little longer, so they persuaded the old man to do the same.

However, no one could change his mind as his mind was already made up.

Early the next morning, the family could only see the old man off.

Feng Shenjin was also with them, partly to take care of him, and partly because the company could not afford to leave him.

After leaving the airport, Pei Xin Yi and her husband took their little treasure out for another trip.

Feng Shenye, on the other hand, drove Wen Shiyu home.

When they entered the living room, they saw Wen Jingchen sitting on the sofa and walked over to greet him.

During the small talk, Wen Shiyu suddenly inquired, “By the way, how long is Jing Chen planning to stay this time?”

“I plan to stay for a few more days.”

Wen Jingchen said, and spelled out his intentions, “Nowadays, my sister’s business has sort of taken root over here, so I want to set up a branch over here as well, so that in the future, when my little nephew is born, I can also allocate more time to come over and spend time with my sister.”

Hearing these words, it would be false to say that Wen Shiyu was not moved.

But she didn’t know anything about the business world, so when she saw her brother and Feng Shenye talking about this matter, she didn’t bother.

She got up and went to the kitchen to cut a fruit plate and bring it over, then went upstairs to rest.

For Wen Jingchen to set up a branch in Vienna, Feng Shenye did not have any opinion.

He even gave a few practical suggestions in response to the market research done by Wen Jingchen.

The two of them were talking when Xu Yan walked in from outside.

He was here to report on his work.

At this moment, when he saw that his own president was busy, he didn’t make a sound to interrupt and stood quietly at the side.

Later in the evening, when Wen Jingchen finished talking about the branch, he saw Xu Yan standing by the side.

“Since brother-in-law is busy with something, then I won’t bother you.”

After finishing his words, he took the initiative to stand up and leave.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye then beckoned Xu Yan to ask, “What is it?”

“According to your instructions, the celebration banquet has been arranged, and all the guests at the special performance have been invited, including a few important media outlets.”

It turned out that as soon as Wen Shiyu had taken this matter on, Feng Shenye had handed it over to Xu Yan.

Now two days had pa*sed and the celebration banquet had already been set up.

That evening, the celebration banquet was held at the famous Palace Hotel in Vienna.

Wen Shiyu was dressed in a custom-made dress, her delicate features painted with light make-up, elegant and gentle.

Beside her was Feng Shenye, who was dressed in a black suit.

The two appeared hand in hand in the ballroom, one silver and one black, just like a couple’s outfit.

Together with their outstanding appearance, they were just like a golden boy and a jade girl.

And the superb pastries and wine all around put everyone in a wonderful mood.

A lot of people were talking about the couple at the moment.

Sofia’s friends even gave Wen Shiyu the highest praise.

“This apprentice of yours, if you persist and persevere, you will achieve a lot in the future.”

“If you train him well, we can have another talented master in our circle in the future.”

“This special show was very successful, a successful start, just wait for her to soar to the sky.”

Listening to the praises from her friends, Sofia thanked them one by one.

On the other side, when Mona saw Wen Shiyu coming, she walked over with little Bao’er.

“Shiyu, you’re simply gorgeous tonight, and of course Mr Feng is handsome too.”

Looking at her best friend’s quirky look, Wen Shiyu lost her smile.

Feng Shenye also nodded his head to Mona as a greeting.

Little Bao’er was standing next to him also looking at Wen Shiyu with two shining eyes.