Always Been Yours Chapter 1071

“What’s the point, seeing as you’ve had such a good run, it’s nothing for me to work this hard.”

Although the words were said, Sofia was still wincing in her heart.

After what happened to Eunice, she was now more and more appreciative of this quality of gratitude in Wen Shiyu.

After a few words of courtesy between master and disciple, Sofia suddenly turned her words around and cautioned, “Although the outside world is all praising you now, I hope you won’t be complacent because of that, you still have a long way to go, to put it bluntly, the reason why there is so much praise for this special performance is that apart from your excellent piano skills, there are many other great masters who are looking at me for my sake. ”

With these words, Wen Shiyu knew that her teacher was not telling lies.

At the same time, she was not blinded by the overwhelming praise outside.

On the contrary, she knew very well than anyone else how much weight she had.

It was true that she had improved during this period of time, but it was absolutely impossible for her to surpa*s her senior brothers and sisters all of a sudden.

The reason those music masters praised her so much was that they could see that her teacher was paving the way for her future career and didn’t mind selling her teacher a favour.

“Don’t worry teacher, I won’t lose myself because of the praises from people outside, on the contrary, because of those praises, I will work harder to make myself more worthy of those praises.”

Looking at the clarity in the girl’s eyes, Sofia knew that she was truly not inflated with self-righteousness because of the pomp and circumstance outside, and nodded her head in satisfaction at that moment.

“I’m relieved that you think that way.”

Sofia patted Wen Shiyu’s shoulder, and in her heart, she thought even more highly of this young apprentice of hers.

Because when her other students had gone through the same thing as Wen Shiyu, none of them had shown such composure and calmness.

The master and disciple talked for a while longer, and the topic of conversation unknowingly came to the celebration feast.

“According to theory, the celebration banquet should have been held after the special performance last night, but considering your health, I decided to postpone it for two days.”

Sofia spelled out her intentions and explained, “The others have been busy before to make the special recital go smoothly, so it’s a good time to take advantage of it and let them have a good rest too.”

“That’s what we should do, especially you, teacher, you should take a good rest most of all.”

Wen Shiyu strongly agreed with her teacher’s arrangement.

After thinking about it, she intimately took her teacher’s arm again, “This special performance was arranged by teacher for me, and it has already made teacher strain once, so let me be in charge of this celebration feast, teacher.”

“Leave it to you?”

Sofia frowned and looked over, her eyes fell on Wen Shiyu’s bulging stomach, shaking her head repeatedly, “You’d better not toss and turn, your stomach is so big, be careful of getting tired.”

Hearing the teacher’s words of love and care, Wen Shiyu felt very nostalgic.

She shook her teacher’s arm and said petulantly, “I won’t get tired, besides, I’m only moving my mouth, it’s someone else who is running the errands, and I still have my husband.”

“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten about your family Mr. Feng.”

Sofia let out a laugh, then didn’t insist any more and agreed, “That’s fine, the celebration party will be left to you.”

After all, Feng Shenye’s status was there, so it wasn’t easy to arrange this.

After discussing the details of the celebration banquet with her teacher, Wen Shiyu left the orchestra.

When she returned home, she was just in time to have dinner with her family.

During the meal, Feng Shenye asked with concern, “Did the interview go well?”

Seeing this, the others also looked at Wen Shiyu with concern.

Wen Shiyu said, “It went quite well, and with my teacher sitting next to me, there was no one deliberately making things difficult.”

Hearing this, Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen both put their hearts down.

However, Pei Xin Yi was somewhat dissatisfied and said, “Since the interview is over now, after that, don’t go out again for a few days, and take a good rest at home.”

Although the tone of these words was not very nice, Wen Shiyu knew that her mother-in-law was also concerned about her, so she nodded obediently at once.

For the next two days, she really did stay at home.