A Man Like None Other Chapter 2894

Ji Yun’s body was instantly sent flying by a slap and then fell heavily to the ground!

Although this slap did not injure Ji Yun very badly, it made him lose face!

“Who? Who is it?”

Ji Yun got up and shouted angrily!

“Just now I was just testing the strength of my own physical body, and I can’t believe I made you burst with self-confidence ……”

Chen Ping slowly approached with a disdainful face!

“You …… are fine?”

Ji Yun was shocked and angry when he saw that Chen Ping was unharmed!

That punch just now, even a cultivator of the same realm would have to be hurt badly, but Chen Ping, a cultivator of the third rank of the Combined Body realm, was not hurt at all?

“Chen Ping, you’re alright, you scared me to death ……”

Seeing Chen Ping walking unharmed, Liu Ruyan immediately hugged Chen Ping and cried!

She was really afraid that something would happen to Chen Ping, then she wouldn’t live, and Liu Ruyan didn’t know how to live the night without Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, you …………”

The tile tank looked at Chen Ping with a shocked face!

If Shi Tieqiao, their fifth ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm, had thrown a punch and Chen Ping hadn’t done any damage, Wajang would have been able to accept it!

But this Ji Yun was a seventh ranked cultivator of the Combined Body Realm, already a more powerful existence within this realm of the Combined Body Realm!

But when a punch hit Chen Ping, Chen Ping was still not hurt at all, so it was clear how strong Chen Ping’s physical body was!

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you ……”

Being smacked away by Chen Ping, Ji Yun was going crazy!

“You talk so much nonsense, didn’t you say you were going to kill me many times?”

Chen Ping had a cold smile on his face!

“Gongzi, Gongzi ……”

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao, gently pulled at the corner of Ji Yun’s coat!

“Do what?” Ji Yun, who was in a rage at this moment, glared at Shi Tieqiao and said!

“My lord, I think it’s better for us not to follow this Chen Ping and start a conflict for now.”

Shi Tieqiao could see that Ji Yun was afraid that he was no match for this Chen Ping!

“Bullshit, am I still afraid of him, I don’t believe I can’t beat him.”

Ji Yun growled!

“It seems that you really don’t know how powerful your grandfather Chen is until you’re beaten into submission!”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, his body abruptly disappeared, followed by a golden light that instantly streaked past, heading straight for Ji Yun!

Ji Yun didn’t flinch either, roaring in fury as his body was instantly covered in a layer of white light!

This white light was of incomparably pure quality, like a layer of armour, wrapping Ji Yun in a dense layer!

It seemed that this Flying Heaven Sect had money, and Ji Yun had a lot of treasures on his body!

It was obvious that this layer of armour-like white light was emitted by the array plate on Ji Yun’s body!

Although Ji Yun was a seventh-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, he didn’t know much about spell formations!

But with money, one could buy array plates, and the higher the level of the array plate, the more expensive it was.

And the formation disk that Ji Yun was using now must be worth a lot too!

A touch of disdain flowed out of Chen Ping’s face, Ji Yun still wanted to rely on the formation disc he had bought with money and follow Chen Ping to fight hard, that was just looking for death!

Chen Ping began to clash with his body after Ji Yun, each clash emitting a huge roar, as if even the entire void trembled with it!

Chen Ping gave up on any moves and just used the most primitive and savage punching suit, so that he could better temper his flesh!

Ji Yun had now become Chen Ping’s companion, but this fellow still didn’t know it!

Desperately trying to activate the array discs he was carrying!

“Quite a rich fellow ……”

Chen Ping didn’t know, how many of Ji Yun’s array discs had been crashed, but this guy always managed to make up for it at the first opportunity!

“Ah …………”

Ji Yun roared in anger, he was now fighting after Chen Ping completely on the strength of the array disc!

Without the array disc, Ji Yun would have been smashed into mush by Chen Ping by now!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, was unperturbed, he wanted to see just how rich this Ji Yun was!