A Man Like None Other Chapter 2885

Da Jie glanced at Chen Ping, silently accepted the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, and finally followed Chen Ping to say goodbye as he slowly got up and left!

Chen Ping looked at the fragment of ice spirit in his hand, and for a moment, he couldn’t believe he was happy!

Soon after, Liu Ruyan and the tile jar found their way over, and the two of them looked very tired too!

But luckily they weren’t injured, they just had too much physical exertion!

When he saw the fragment of Ice Spirit in Chen Ping’s hand, Tile Jar was astonished and said, “Mr. Chen, you really got the Ice Spirit fragment, it’s so big, you’re going to be rich now!”

The tile jar was very excited, but Chen Ping’s face showed no joy!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

When Liu Ruyan asked this, Tile jar then realized that the three brothers of the weird bandits were missing!

“Where are the three of them?” The three brothers were missing!

Chen Ping looked lost and said “Big Jie left, and the second and third Jie were all killed by demonic beasts ……”

Hearing that two of the three jie of the monstrous bandits had died, Liu Ruyan also looked tight, her expression became a bit sad!

“Mr. Chen, in the Celestial Realm, it’s only too normal for a few people to die, this is supposed to be a society where the weak are strong and there are no rules to follow.”

“I think you’d better absorb this Ice Soul Fragment quickly, such a big piece of Ice Soul Fragment, holding it in your hand is a time bomb ah, if someone finds out, they will definitely have evil intentions.”

The tile jar said to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded and then said, “Tile jar, this Ice Soul Fragment is so big, the energy in it is definitely not small, so you should absorb it first, after all, there is also a credit to you in it.”

He thought he had heard wrong, how could anyone voluntarily give up the Ice Soul Fragment?

“Chen …… Mr. Chen, don’t you joke about it ……”

Wajang said incredulously!

“I’m not joking, you’ve now reached the late third rank of the Harmony Realm, I believe that by absorbing a portion of the Ice Soul Fragment energy, you can break through to the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm.”

“Without this Ice Spirit Fragment, with the lack of resources, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been able to break through in a year and a half.”

Chen Ping said to the tile jar!

After hearing this, Tile Jar was indeed moved, there was no one who did not want to improve their strength!

“Then, thank you very much, Mr. Chen.” Wajang gave Chen Ping a deep bow!

“You absorb it quickly, I’ll protect you, and I’ll need you to protect me afterwards to do so.”

Chen Ping said!

“Good!” The tile jar nodded!

Chen Ping handed the Ice Soul Fragment to Vajra, while Vajra gently pressed one hand on the Ice Soul Fragment, followed by the activation of the gongfu, and the Ice Soul Fragment began to slowly disappear little by little!

A white vortex emerged from the top of Vajang’s head, and the unique aura within the Ice Soul Fragment caused Vajang’s entire dantian to race!

Just as Va’jang was absorbing the Ice Soul Fragment and raising his strength!

A few cultivators appeared not far away, these people were also looking for the treasure and the Ice Fragment!

In the past, even if one stayed here for 10 days and half a month, one would not have come across a single cultivator in this vast and endless northern land, but now, not long after the Vat had absorbed it, cultivators were drawn here!

Although the ice shard itself does not emit any aura and no one can feel it, when the ice shard is absorbed, a vision will appear and aura will leak out!

So when the Ice Soul Fragment is absorbed, that is when it is most likely to be discovered. If the Ice Soul Fragment is small and the absorption is completed in a very short time, then it will be over before anyone else can sense it!

But this time, this Ice Soul Fragment that Chen Ping had obtained was very large, so it would take a long time for the aura to be dispersed!

Several cultivators flew towards the direction where Chen Ping and the others were, and when they were a thousand metres closer to Chen Ping, Chen Ping’s divine sense immediately checked for several people.