A Man Like None Other Chapter 2879

Early the next morning.

Chen Ping and the others, accompanied by the tile jar, headed out on the road to find the treasure!

For some unknown reason, the clan chief did not see them off!

When they walked out of the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s clan grounds, Wajang suddenly took out the Demon Whip from his arms and said, “Mr. Chen, the clan chief knows that this trip will definitely encounter many demon cultivators, so the clan chief asked me to give you this Demon Whip ……”

Chen Ping Arcana then will tile jar in the hand of the magic whip, the whole person froze, to know the value of this magic whip, if this is really an immortal weapon, it will be priceless!

But now the chief of the clan was confident enough to hand over the magic whip to himself, and Chen Ping was moved by this trust!

The first time he received the whip, he had more confidence in finding the treasure, as long as he found the treasure, the Ancient Body Refining Clan would be able to develop better!

Chen Ping did not intend to take the techniques and treasures within the treasure, he intended to give them all to the Ancient Body Refining Clan, after all, they were also the things of the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

He would only take the Ice Pill Pill, he didn’t want anything else!

“Chen Ping, what is this thing?”

Liu Ruyan asked curiously when she saw the Demon Draw Whip!

“This is the nemesis of demon cultivators, with this, you don’t have to be afraid when you see a demon cultivator.”

Chen Ping smiled faintly and put away the Demon Draw Whip!

The group was walking on top of a white snow plain, surrounded by towering ice mountains and deep ice valleys, so it could be said that the environment was very harsh!

Even if they were not careful, they might fall into the ice caves, some of which were thousands of metres deep, so even if they were at the peak of the Harmony Realm, they would have to wait for death!

Now Chen Ping and the others could only follow the location of the treasure map and try their luck around the places marked on it, but I’m sure there were already quite a few people at the location of the treasure map!

But no one had the exact location of the treasure now, so they could only take their chances and see who had better luck!

After walking for half a day, Tile Jar looked ahead and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m afraid we’ll have to take a detour now, up ahead is Death Canyon, there are countless fierce beasts inside, no one can pass through there.”

“Death Canyon?” Chen Ping frowned as if he was thinking about something!

How could there be a place with uncountable fierce beasts cooped up in such a harsh environment, knowing that these fierce beasts also needed to grow and needed resources!

If there were so many fierce beasts living in this one canyon, then there must be resources within this canyon for these beasts to survive!

But what this resource was, Chen Ping didn’t know!

“Are there any treasures within this Death Canyon?”

Usually there would be fierce beasts guarding around treasures!

It wasn’t that these beasts came to guard these treasures on purpose, but these beasts survived by absorbing the aura emitted from the treasures, and over time they became spirit beasts protecting the treasures!

“I don’t know, according to previous records, there weren’t so many fierce beasts surviving in this canyon before, it seems that suddenly and directly, there were many more fierce beasts here.”

“Some people also tried to enter the canyon to explore, but they all went without return and died inside, so this place became the death canyon, we generally spare away from here.”

Tile Tank explained!

“I feel that there must be something good within this canyon, let’s go and have a look ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking and walked straight towards the canyon!

Seeing this, the others followed behind!

Soon they reached the mouth of the canyon, only to see that both sides were all ten thousand foot cliffs, and the cliffs were covered with glaciers, smooth as can be!

The canyon was only a dozen feet wide, and standing at the mouth of the canyon, they could feel the aura of fierce beasts coming out of the canyon!

“You guys wait here, I’ll go check out the situation!”

Chen Ping said, concealing his aura as his body leapt up and flew silently through mid-air!