A Man Like None Other Chapter 2870

When Gao Qilan saw this, he looked like his face had turned very ugly!

“You’re from the Gao family?” Chen Ping glanced at Gao Qilan with some surprise!

Gao Qilan nodded “Not bad, it’s just a pity that even the Gao family can’t save me now ……”

Gao Qilan had a self-deprecating look on her face, she didn’t expect that the Gao family’s name was not as big as she thought it was!

After all, Gao Qilan rarely wanders outside, as for the outside world, not a lot of understanding!

“The Gao family can’t save you, but I can, but you have to promise me that you will give me all those Ice Soul Fragments.”

Chen Ping said as he calmly followed Gao Qilan in the middle of the formation!

Gao Qilan was stunned and looked at Chen Ping incredulously.

It was clear that Chen Ping was in danger of losing his own life, how could he still say such words!

“Hahahaha, kid are you stupid, you are now trapped in a formation, you are about to die, and you still dare to say such words.”

“I’ll crush you to death in the formation now, see how you can still save her.”

As the one-eyed man finished speaking, he waved his palm, controlling the formation as it began to shrink and that curtain of light squeezed towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at the continuously squeezing curtain of light with a calm face!

“Just this broken formation, how dare you try to trap me, I want to get out, even the most powerful formations will never be able to trap me!”

Chen Ping laughed coldly, then a white light flashed in his palm, followed by a slap, hitting the curtain of light!

With this palm strike, the light curtain of the formation, which had been continuously compressed, instantly shattered like glass, and finally disappeared into nothingness!

“This …………”

Seeing the formation disk he had bought with a heavy price being broken by Chen Ping with just one palm, the one-eyed man was filled with shock.

The other two were also filled with disbelief!

It was obvious that Chen Ping had broken the formation so easily, so he must be a high-level formation master, and that was why he had broken the formation so easily!

“I didn’t expect that you were still a formation master ……”

The one-eyed man said with a frown!

“I am more than a formation master, I know many things, since you want to trap me with a formation, then I will let you taste this formation too.”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, his fingers began to rapidly pinch, and a ray of light descended from the sky, instantly surrounding the one-eyed man!

Seeing this, the man hurriedly waved the weapon in his hand and ruthlessly slashed towards the formation.

But just as he touched the edge of the formation, he was shaken away by a tremendous force, and immediately afterwards, flames shot out from the formation!

“Ah …………”

The one-eyed man began to hiss desperately, he could never have imagined that Chen Ping was an advanced formation master!

The other two, seeing the man in that state, were so scared that they turned their heads and ran!

Chen Ping looked at the fleeing two men, but did not go after them, but quietly waited for the formation to slowly disappear and the flames to gradually go out!

If these three men attacked Chen Ping together, Chen Ping would not necessarily be an opponent, after all, three 5th ranked cultivators of the Harmonious Body realm joined forces, Chen Ping was not absolutely sure!

So just now, he used his best move, using the formation to trap the one-eyed man, and then burning him to death with the Supreme Fire!

After all, a cultivator of this realm would not be feared at all by ordinary flames!

Luckily, the remaining two men didn’t know the Supreme Flame and didn’t see Chen Ping’s intentions, so they turned and ran in fear!

Chen Ping scavenged the one-eyed man’s belongings before turning his head towards Gao Qilan!

At this moment, Gao Qilan was looking at Chen Ping with a look of terror in her eyes!

She didn’t expect that Chen Ping would be so powerful that he wouldn’t even put three fifth-ranked cultivators of the Harmonious Body Realm in his sights!

“Now that you’re safe, give me that Ice Soul Fragment.”

Chen Ping said as he reached out his hand towards Gao Qilan.

Gao Qilan was a bit hesitant, after all, this Ice Soul Fragment was a treasure, whoever had it would not be willing to hand it over easily.