A Man Like None Other Chapter 2866

“What about it? Do you want to work with me ……”

Yuan Bao asked as he looked at Chen Ping expectantly!

“Sorry, I’m not looking for any treasure, so there’s no way I can work with you either!”

“But with this thing in your hand, you better not show it to others easily, or you won’t even know how you’ll die yourself.”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

Yuan Bao was stunned, he did not expect that he had taken out the treasure key, but Chen Ping still did not agree to cooperate with him!

Chen Ping took the tile jar and they left, while Yuan Bao stood quietly in place with a slight frown on his face!

“What a strange fellow ……”

Yuan Bao said, and left too!

The reason why Chen Ping did not agree to follow Yuan Bao’s cooperation was because he did not know how Yuan Bao was like as a person, and in the Celestial Realm, Chen Ping would not easily trust a stranger!

He had to go to the Ancient Body Refinement Clan’s clan territory first, as he didn’t know anything about the Ancient Body Refinement Clan’s treasure yet, so if he went to dig it up, the danger factor would be very high!

Just shortly after Chen Ping and the others had travelled, an anxious cry for help came from the Grand Master of the Three Masters of Monstrous Thieves in the void!

“Mr. Chen, come and save us ……”

When Chen Ping heard this, his brow instantly furrowed!

“You guys go first, I’ll go check it out ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking, and with a leap of his body, he instantly disappeared!

Following the direction of the voice transmission jade slip, Chen Ping hurriedly went.

The Three Monstrous Thieves had been sent out by Chen Ping to find Su Yuqi and the girls, and were not very far from Chen Ping and the others!

Soon, Chen Ping found the three.

At this moment, each of the Three Monstrous Thieves had a very ugly face, and were obviously injured!

And in front of them, a girl dressed in a white bearskin coat was holding a long sword, looking at them coldly!

There was still bright red blood on the longsword, which had long since frozen!

“What’s going on?” Chen Ping said with a frown!

“Mr. Chen, you asked us to look for three girls, so the three of us looked everywhere, but when we saw this girl here, we intended to go up and question her to see if she was the one you were looking for.”

“But this person was unreasonable and went straight for the three of us, the three of us were not low and were injured by her, and she wanted to kill us.”

Da Jie said with an aggrieved face!

Chen Ping looked at the girl coldly, the strength of the fifth grade of the Combined Body realm, that’s not bad for such a young man to have such strength!

“Who the hell are you? Why are you laying hands on my people? They don’t seem to have provoked you, do they?”

Chen Ping asked with a gloomy face at the girl!

“Stop pretending, I know you must have come for the Ice Soul Fragment, but I found this Ice Soul Fragment first, you won’t be able to snatch it away!”

The girl pointed her sword at Chen Ping “You are only a second rank of the Harmonious Body Realm, even if a few of you join forces, you will not be my opponent, I advise you to leave here immediately.”

The girl emitted a burst of killing intent and seemed to be trying to make Chen Ping and the others back off in fear by the aura she had on her body!

Sensing this aura, the three monstrous thieves could not help but retreat backwards, while Chen Ping looked bashful and did not think anything of it!

The girl’s aura was not the least bit stressful to Chen Ping!

And when the girl saw that Chen Ping was indifferent to the oppression of her breath, she could not help but frown.

A cultivator at the second rank realm of the Harmony Realm, yet he could be filled with indifference under the oppression of his own breath, that proved that Chen Ping’s strength must be higher, perhaps Chen Ping was hiding his realm!

“Ice Soul Fragment?” Chen Ping was stunned, but then he explained, “I think you misunderstood, we don’t know about the Ice Spirit Fragment, we are just here to find someone.”

“And you’re seriously injured now, so don’t hold on, if you don’t receive treatment now, you’re afraid you won’t live long.”