A Man Like None Other Chapter 2865

Rumble …………

The sword mane danced wildly in the sky, whistling and cutting towards that ice bear monster!

Seeing this, the ice bear monster let out a deafening roar as gusts of wind and frost rose from its body and charged towards the sword maneuver!

Yuan Bao looked at Chen Ping’s sword and was directly dumbfounded!

How could he have ever thought that Chen Ping, who was only at the second rank of the Combined Body Realm realm, would be able to explode out with such a powerful sword!

Even Wajang and the others looked shocked, after all, they had never seen Chen Ping’s true strength!

Just as the ice bear monster rushed towards the sky of sword arrows, an ice cone suddenly burst out from its body, these ice cones were like bullets, rushing towards Chen Ping!

With a flick of Chen Ping’s wrist, the ice cones instantly turned into powder and drifted away like snowflakes!

Seeing this, the ice bear monster’s original lunge stopped instantly, and then turned around and ran!

This Ice Bear Monster seemed to have sensed the danger, it knew that the person in front of it was not that easy to deal with!

“Still want to run?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly as his body leapt up!

The Zenglong Sword in his hand swung down in a smooth motion, and a brilliant sword aura shot out!

The ice bear monster didn’t even have time to scream, and was instantly cut in half by the sharp sword aura!

With a wave of Chen Ping’s palm, a beast pellet full of spiritual energy fell into Chen Ping’s hand!

Looking at the ice bear monster that had been cut in half by the sword, everyone was dumbfounded!

Especially that Yuan Bao, who still hadn’t sobered up from his shock!

“Let’s go ……”

Chen Ping said after Wajang, and then walked forward!

After taking a few steps out, that Yuan Bao came to his senses and hurriedly chased after him!

“Mr. Chen, wait, wait ……”

Yuan Bao shouted!

“Do you have anything else?” Chen Ping asked!

“Mr. Chen, you are also going to look for the treasure, right, we can go together ah.”

“Let me tell you, although you have the treasure map, you don’t have it even if you find the treasure, opening the treasure requires a special key.”

“If you don’t have the key, you won’t be able to enter the treasure at all.”

Yuan Bao whispered to Chen Ping!

When Chen Ping heard this, he was slightly stunned, he didn’t expect this Yuan Bao to know that the treasure needed a key to open it too!

“Oh, so, you have a medicinal master to open the treasure?”

Chen Ping asked, pretending to be curious!

“Of course, if I didn’t have the key, I wouldn’t have gone looking for that treasure.”

Yuan Bao said, pulling out a jade token from his pocket!

Only to see that this jade token was very complete and followed the jade token in Chen Ping’s hand, which was still exactly the same!

It was as if it was carved out of the same mould!

Looking at the jade token in Yuan Bao’s hand, Chen Ping was completely dumbfounded, he couldn’t understand what was going on!

Chen Ping looked at the tile jar, hoping that the tile jar could explain to him why there was a jade token in Yuan Bao’s hand.

The tile jar was also full of confusion at this point, shaking his head towards Chen Ping, it seemed that the tile jar didn’t know what was going on either!

“Brother Yuan, this jade token of yours is the key to the treasure?” Chen Ping asked, feigning disbelief!

“Of course, without this item, even if we found the treasure, it would be impossible to open it.”

Yuan Bao said with an affirmative face!

“Then where did you get this item from?” Chen Ping continued to ask!

“I can’t tell you that, anyway, all you need to know is that without me, you won’t be able to enter the treasure even if you find it.”

Yuan Bao still seemed a little wary of Chen Ping, so he didn’t say where the jade token came from!

“Then can I take a look?” Chen Ping asked!

“Yes ……” Yuan Bao handed the jade token to Chen Ping without hesitation!

Chen Ping took the jade token and a divine sense instantly punched into it, and a moment later, Chen Ping returned the jade token to Yuan Bao!

Although this jade token was exactly the same as Chen Ping’s, there was still a difference because there was no demonic energy inside this jade token!