A Man Like None Other Chapter 2862

Fire Phoenix, run by yourself, I really can’t run anymore ……”

Yu Jiameng’s stamina was already severely overdrawn, originally her strength was already low, after such a long time of exertion, the spiritual energy in her body had long been depleted!

“Sister Jiameng, hang on ……”

Fire Phoenix pulled Yu Jiameng!

“Leave me alone, if this goes on, none of us will be able to escape, if you still have the chance to go to the secular world, tell my father so that he doesn’t worry about me!”

Yu Chia Meng pushed Fire Phoenix to let her escape on her own!

“Sister Jia Meng, I won’t leave you behind ……”

Fire Phoenix wanted to carry Yu Jiameng on her back!

But at this time, Gao Qisheng had already led his men to chase after them, directly surrounding the two!

“Hmph, I’ll see if you guys still run, I told you, no one can escape from me here.”

Gao Qisheng looked at Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng and said with the corners of his mouth raised!

“I tell you, if you follow touch us, you will regret it, my master will not let you go.”

Fire Phoenix looked at Gao Qisheng viciously and said!

“Hahahaha, master?”

“I will be your master from now on, both of you will become my slaves.”

Gao Qisheng laughed, he didn’t expect Fire Phoenix to still like this bite and role play up, and master!

Gao Qisheng didn’t even know that the fire phoenix was a divine beast.

Hearing Gao Qisheng’s words, the fire phoenix and Yu Jiameng looked at each other and then said, “Even if we die, we won’t let you get it ……”

After saying that, the fire phoenix and Yu Jiameng violently exploded their aura and directly began to explode themselves!

“Want to die? It’s not that easy.”

With a wave of Gao Qisheng’s hand, immediately some members of the Gao family stepped forward and directly brought Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng under control, the two couldn’t even try to explode themselves!

After all, the difference in strength was so great that it was a luxury for the Fire Phoenix girls to even think about exploding themselves!

“Say, where’s the other girl?”

Gao Qisheng questioned at Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng!

But neither of them would speak at all, glaring viciously at Gao Qisheng!

“Second Young Master, I guess the other one is still inside the cave, right?”

A member of the Gao family said!

“Go, search …… for me.”

Gao Qisheng sent his men to search!

Only, after searching inside the cave for half a day, these men didn’t see Su Yuqi’s figure!

“Brother, maybe the girl has long since run away, two women, that’s enough for you to play with, we’d better hurry back, or else big brother will get angry.”

Gao Qijie urged at Gao Qisheng!

“Alright, let’s go back, but when we get back, don’t talk nonsense to big brother, got it?”

Gao Qisheng barked at Gao Qijie!

“Got it!”

Gao Qijie nodded helplessly!

Soon after, Gao Qisheng left with the captured Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng!

Not long after Gao Qisheng and the others left, a man dressed in black robes passed by!

As he passed through the cave entrance, his body visibly paused for a moment!

Immediately afterwards, his body flickered away and he entered the cave!

After looking around, the black-robed man looked at the place where Su Yuqi was frozen, and with a wave of his palms, two flames instantly burst into flames!

The frozen place began to melt and Su Yuqi was revealed!

“Fire feathers? There are even such divine beast feathers here?” The black-robed man put the fire feathers away and then probed at Su Yuqi’s body.

“Still alive, a fire spirit body is really a rare physique!”

“Hahahaha, it’s really heaven helping me, heaven helping me …………”

The black-robed man laughed loudly.

After saying that, the black-robed man directly carried Su Yuqi and then quickly disappeared!

After the black-robed man left, peace returned to the cave, and the deep pit was slowly frozen again amidst the wind and snow!

It was as if no one had ever come here before.

The wind and snow were still howling.