A Man Like None Other Chapter 2857

The pressure of the 8th rank of the Combined Body Realm was like a huge stone smashing into Liu Ruyan, if this was pressed against Liu Ruyan, Liu Ruyan would definitely be killed, without a single chance of survival!

Chen Ping was furious when he saw that this old Kong was going to kill Liu Ruyan at the drop of a hat, and that he was going to kill her!

Even if he knew he was no match, Chen Ping could not let Liu Ruyan die in front of him and not do anything about it!

Chen Ping suddenly came in front of Liu Ruyan and instantly activated his Invincible Golden Body, with countless golden scales covering his entire body, the power of the divine dragon and the power of the three clans all exploding!

Boom …………

The old man’s mighty pressure ruthlessly hit Chen Ping’s body, Chen Ping only felt like a high-speed train that crashed into his chest, along with a burst of pain in his internal organs, Chen Ping’s body instantly soared up into the air!

Poof …………

A mouthful of blood spurted out in mid-air, and Chen Ping’s body hit the ground heavily!

“Chen Ping …………”

“Mr. Chen …………”

Liu Ruyan and the others rushed over and helped Chen Ping up!

“Chen Ping, are you alright?” Liu Ruyan looked at Chen Ping with distress.

“I’m fine, don’t worry ……”

Chen Ping grinned as blood flowed down the corner of his mouth!

And the three people opposite, looking at Chen Ping could still get up, their eyes were all amazed, to know that Chen Ping was only a second grade cultivator of the Harmonious Body realm!

How could he possibly resist the pressure of an eighth-ranked cultivator of the Harmonization Realm?

“Old Kong, did you show mercy?”

That Zuo Qing asked at Old Kong!

If they hadn’t shown mercy, they felt that there was absolutely no way Chen Ping would be alive!

“I was just scaring, I didn’t do anything to death ……”

Old Kong hurriedly explained!

But at this moment, Old Kong’s heart was already very shocked, only he himself knew that he hadn’t shown any mercy at all, and the power that Chen Ping had just exploded out didn’t seem like something that a cultivator of the second rank of the Combined Body realm could explode out!

“Old Kong, don’t give yourself a step down, you clearly didn’t show mercy just now.”

“This little brother is really something extraordinary, a mere cultivator at the second level of the Harmony Realm, but he actually exploded with such terrifying power, and the aura he exploded with seems to be different from both you and me.”

“His aura is so chaotic, it seems like it’s mixed with the aura of the devil and beast races, it’s really peculiar ……”

At this time, another person who had not spoken up said!

“When Old Sun said that, I also felt it, the aura this guy exploded out with is indeed a bit strange.”

“There’s also the golden armour he just attached to his body, it’s also so special, I haven’t even seen it before.”

Zuo Qing followed suit!

“A mere second rank realm of the Combined Body Realm, to be able to resist my blow, and with a strange aura and golden armour protecting his body, it seems like this guy must have a treasure in his hand!”

“It’s possible that the vision just now was emitted by the treasure in his hand ……”

After Old Kong finished speaking, the aura on his body erupted again, and with a cold face, he looked at Chen Ping and said, “Kid, hand over the treasure in your hand and I can spare your life, don’t think that you can live just because you can resist my blow.”

“I can strike and crush you to death at any time, you’d better know what’s right ……”

Chen Ping looked at Old Kong’s greedy look and a cold aura flashed in his eyes!

“As I said, we don’t have any treasures, if you insist on not letting us go, then I will have to fight.”

Chen Ping said with a steely gaze!

“Spell it out?” Old Kong was stunned, then laughed loudly, “What can you fight with us with? With your strength of the second rank of the Combined Body Realm?”

“Ruyan, you guys back off some ……”

Chen Ping told Liu Ruyan and the others to step back!

Liu Ruyan didn’t know what Chen Ping was going to do, but she obeyed and led a few people backwards!