A Man Like None Other Chapter 2855

When he heard Chen Ping ask this, Tile Tank immediately smiled awkwardly and said “We don’t have that ability to excavate it ourselves, even if we find the treasure, it will be cheaper for the Gao family when the time comes.”

“In fact, all of us hope that the treasure will be discovered, so that the various techniques of our Ancient Body Refining Clan can be released to the public, and more and more people will practice the Ancient Body Refining Technique, so that our Ancient Body Refining Clan can grow stronger and stronger.”

Listening to the words of the tile jar, Chen Ping was moved, it seemed that this Ancient Body Refining Clan had gone out of their way to let others search for treasures to dig in order to make their clan grow!

“If I am able to find the treasure, I will find a way to have the Ancient Body Refining Technique proclaimed ……”

Chen Ping patted Wajang’s shoulder and said!

“Thanks a lot Mr. Chen, but finding the treasure is easy, but opening it is difficult.”

“The jade token I gave is broken, you need to find the other half and combine it into a complete one before you can truly open the treasure.”

“But that other half of the jade token has long since been lost somewhere.”

The tile jar followed Chen Ping and said!

Chen Ping smiled lightly, then brought out the complete jade token!

“Take a look, is this the complete one?”

Chen Ping said!

When Wajang looked at the complete jade token in Chen Ping’s hand, he was stunned and said with surprise on his face, “Mr. Chen, how did you …… get the other half of the jade token in your hand? Where did you get it?”

“I also got it unintentionally and looked very similar to the jade token you gave me, so I tried to put it together.”

“I didn’t expect it to be a real piece, and it was because of this jade token that I asked your brother to buy the treasure map.”

Chen Ping didn’t tell the truth, after all, the less people knew about the agreement between him and the county princess, the better!

“Heaven’s will, this is really heaven’s will!”

Wajang was excited and then said, “Mr. Chen, try putting a drop of essence blood into this jade tablet!”

“Why?” Chen Ping was stunned!

This jade token was just the key to unlock the treasure, and it wasn’t a weapon, it needed a drop of blood to recognize its owner!

“Just try it and you’ll see!” The tile said!

Chen Ping nodded and forced out a drop of essence blood from his brow and dripped it onto the jade token!

With the drop of blood, the jade token suddenly trembled, followed by a wave of black gas coming out of the token, accompanied by a ghostly cry, which sounded very frightening!

At this moment, the sky was overcast with clouds and the sky was overcast with a thunderclap!

A black vortex was circling in mid-air!

“What’s going on?”

Chen Ping saw this and his brows hurriedly furrowed!

The tile jar obviously didn’t expect such a vision either, and his eyes were wide with disbelief!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded!

It was just a jade token, and a drop of essence blood had produced such a violent vision!

“Mr. Chen, quickly put the jade token away ……”

Suddenly, Wajang shouted!

Chen Ping hurriedly covered the jade token with both hands and threw it into his storage ring immediately afterwards!

In an instant, the heaven and earth visions disappeared, and the sky became clear, returning to its initial appearance!

“What a fierce devilish Qi, how could there be devilish Qi inside this jade token?”

Chen Ping looked at the tile jar with a frown!

Obviously, the tile jar should know something, or else he wouldn’t have let him drip on the essence blood.

Tile jar was about to open his mouth to explain when three black shadows suddenly swept past from afar, and in the blink of an eye, these three black shadows had already arrived in front of Chen Ping and the others!

The three men looked at Chen Ping and the others, and then unceremoniously used their divine sense to probe each and every one of them!

You know that this kind of nonchalant probing with divine sense is most likely to cause people to resent it, and it might even lead to a fight!

But these three men were not afraid at all, just like that, staring at Chen Ping and the others with dead eyes, using their divine senses to keep probing!