A Man Like None Other Chapter 2854

Seeing this, the two clansmen who had followed the watts came rushing forward to control the watts!

“Mr. Chen, I’ve made you laugh.”

After controlling Watt, Wajang said after Chen Ping with some embarrassment, then waved his hand and said, “Take the man away ……”

Soon, Watt was escorted out of the courtyard!

“Help, help, someone is fighting, someone is beating me ……”

When Watt came out, he saw the guards not far from the entrance and hurriedly shouted out!

After seeing the guards of Jialing County, Wajang’s face obviously changed and he said to the two clansmen “You will escort the people back later, and I will stay to receive punishment from Jialing County.”

The two clansmen nodded and controlled the watts as they continued on their way!

The two clansmen nodded and took control of Watt, who was ready to be questioned and punished by the guards!

“Don’t worry, it will be fine, let’s go ……”

Chen Ping smiled and patted Wart’s shoulder!

Wajang didn’t understand what Chen Ping meant, but still followed Chen Ping as he continued to walk forward!

“Save me, save me …………”

As he passed by the guards, Wart cried out as if he was grasping for his life!

Wart, on the other hand, was on edge, ready to follow those guards and explain!

But a strange scene appeared, the guards heard Watt’s shout, as if they did not hear, all turned their heads aside, pretending not to see!

The guards looked at him with disbelief!

The guards didn’t come after them even after they had gone far away!

“What’s wrong with those guards today?”

Vat said with a face full of confusion!

“Didn’t I tell you, with me around, it will be fine.”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

It was then that Tile Tank remembered Chen Ping’s words and suddenly realized that the reason these guards didn’t care was because of Chen Ping’s presence!

At this moment, it made Wajang look at Chen Ping with an incredulous face, he really couldn’t understand why these guards in Jialing County, would be afraid of Chen Ping?

He knew that Chen Ping’s realm was only the second rank of the Harmonious Body realm, even the guards guarding the gates were higher than Chen Ping’s realm!

Why should they be afraid of Chen Ping?

Since it wasn’t because of strength fear, then it was because of status!

Thinking of this, Wajang sucked in a cold breath, he couldn’t imagine what kind of status Chen Ping had that would allow him to walk around Jialing County like he was on easy ground, breaking the rules at will without any problem!

At that moment, a guard from Jialing County came in a hurry and then walked up to Chen Ping and said respectfully, “Mr. Chen, you can go out through the north gate ……”

“En!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

The guard, after saluting, immediately turned around and left!

Chen Ping knew that this must be because Lord Yan had snooped around and that Thunder Eagle King was not at the North Gate, so he could leave Jialing County through the North Gate!

Seeing the respectful attitude of that guard Chen Ping, Wajang was even more convinced of what he thought, Chen Ping’s identity must be extraordinary!

A group of people walked out of Jialing County through the North Gate.

“Mr. Chen, where do you plan to go?”

After leaving the city, Wajang asked Chen Ping!

“I plan to go to the Far North to look for treasures, and to be honest, I bought a copy of the treasure map your brother is selling.”

Chen Ping said without concealment!

“Mr. Chen wants to go looking for treasure? That’s great, we’re on the same route, and I’m more than familiar with the Far North.”

“I might even be able to help out with the treasure hunt!”

Tile jar said with an excited face!

Looking at Wajang’s look, Chen Ping was a bit embarrassed, digging up someone’s old ancestor’s treasure and asking them to help, wasn’t that a bit too much?

“Wajang, someone is trying to dig up the treasure of your Ancient Body Refining Clan, wouldn’t you guys be angry?”

“Wouldn’t you guys go find the treasure yourselves and dig it up?”

Chen Ping asked in disbelief!