A Man Like None Other Chapter 2853

Chen Ping saw that it was someone’s family matter, so he couldn’t bother with it, so he said, “Your brother’s residence is just ahead, but private fights are not allowed in Jialing County, so I’m afraid it’s not that easy for you to take your brother away.”

Chen Ping knew that now that Watt was rich, he would not want to go back to the extreme north to suffer, and he would be punished when he returned, so he was even more reluctant!

And he knew that within this Jialing County, as long as he didn’t go out, no one could take him away by force, and that should be why that Watt came to Jialing County!

“If he doesn’t come back with me, I’ll take him away even if I have to risk this life.”

“He has done such a thing and brought my whole family into disrepute, and I will never forgive him lightly.”

Wajang had a furious look on his face, it looked like he was determined to take Watt away!

Looking at Wart’s appearance, Chen Ping sighed and said “In that case, I will go with you, perhaps it will be easier for you to take your brother away with me around.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen.”

Wajang said gratefully!

Although Wajang did not understand what Chen Ping was talking about when he was around, it would be easier for him to take his brother away, but since Chen Ping was willing to help, Wajang was still very grateful.

Chen Ping followed Wajang back to Watt’s courtyard, and when Watt saw Watt, he obviously just froze!

Immediately afterwards he turned around and ran, only to be instantly stopped by the two clansmen that Wart had brought with him!

“Brother …………”

Watt took off his mask and shouted at the tank with a panicked look on his face!

“Shut up, I don’t have a brother like you, it’s a disgrace that you would do such a thing.”

“Now come back with me and accept the patriarch’s punishment.”

Vatang shouted in anger!

“Brother, I can’t go back, if I do, you’ll be a dead man.”

“Please, don’t take me back ……”

Watt suddenly knelt down in front of the tile tank and begged bitterly!

But Watt’s face remained cold and did not move in the slightest, instead he stepped forward and grabbed Watt by the shoulders to take him away!

“Brother, this is Jialing County, don’t force me, if we do it, we’ll both be punished.”

Watt threatened Waddy again with the rules of Carling County!

“Today, even if I violate the rules of Jialing County, I will still bring you back.”

Wart finished, and with a strong pull, he was about to pull Wart up!

And with a cold flash in his eyes, Watt snapped his backhand, grabbed Watt’s wrist, and lunged forward with a violent force!

Wart had no time to react, his whole body was knocked backwards by Wart and he took several steps!

He didn’t expect Watt to fight back, which filled Watt’s face with shock!

“Brother, I’ve said it, I won’t go back, if you compare me, then we’ll die by a fish, I’ll die anyway if I go back!”

Watt said with a stern face!

“Even if the fish dies and your body is brought back, you will still have to go back and be punished.”

As Wart finished speaking, his body leapt up and he slapped his palm at Wart!

I could tell that Wart was completely chilled out about this brother!

Seeing that Watt was coming down hard on him, Watt no longer had any scruples and the more he swung his palms, the more powerful qi burst out of his body!

The reason why Watt did this was so that the surrounding Jia Ling County guards would sense that there was a private fight going on nearby and come running to stop it!

The strength of Wajang and Watt was equal, and it would be difficult to tell the difference between the two in a short time!

The fight between the two did attract the guards of Jialing County!

But those guards watched from afar, but no one dared to enter the courtyard to stop them!

Because Chen Ping was there, they were just pawns, they would only be scolded for going in!

Watt and Wajang were soon exchanging hundreds of blows, but none of the guards came to stop them, so they panicked!

Watt takes advantage of his panic and kicks him in the stomach!

Watt is sent flying and lands hard on the ground!