A Man Like None Other Chapter 2851

“I’ll take one ……”

Ji Yun was the first to speak up!

He had come to buy the treasure map, so there was no inkling!

Soon Ji Yun handed over 100 million spirit coins, while Na Watt took out a very exquisite mahogany box and handed it to Ji Yun!

Ji Yun had just been fined 100 million spirit coins, and now he could still take out 100 million spirit coins, so it could be seen that this Flying Heaven Sect was really rich!

“Give me one too ……”

“I want one too ……”

Soon, the waves of people who came, all took out money to buy the treasure map!

Only what each one got in their hands was just a wooden box, and as to whether it contained a treasure map or not, no one opened it in public to see!

It looked like they still had trust in Watt!

“Kid, you wait for me, we’ll see ……”

Ji Yun threatened Chen Ping after getting the treasure map, and then left!

Everyone else left one after another, while that Yuan Bao gave Chen Ping a look as he left and said, “Brother, I’ll leave you a voice transmission jade slip, if you need any help, just ask for me ……”

With everyone else leaving, only Chen Ping was left with them still in the living room!

Watt then looked at Chen Ping and said, “Do you guys want it? If not, then you can leave ……”

“Yes, of course I want it!”

Chen Ping said, giving 100 million spirit coins to Watt, and likewise receiving a wooden box!

Only, after Chen Ping took the wooden box, he opened it straight away, and inside it was a parchment scroll!

When he opened the scroll, there was a map on it. The route was clearly marked on the map, but the location of the treasure was missing a piece!

The route was so clear that it had obviously been printed on it by Watt!

“Is this treasure map real?”

Chen Ping asked, holding up the treasure map!

“I said, if you don’t believe me, you can’t buy it, I’ll give you your money back now!”

Watt said, “I’ll give you your money back!

“No, I’m just asking!”

Chen Ping put the treasure map away and then continued to ask: “As a member of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, why are you selling your ancestor’s treasure map? That is the treasure of your Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“You can leave when you get the diagram, I won’t answer your questions.”

Watt said, about to turn around and leave!

But Chen Ping fiercely got up and snapped Watt’s shoulder!

Watt was stunned and hurriedly said, “What do you want to do? This is Jialing County, if you dare to make a move, you’ll be in trouble!”

“I’m not going to do anything, I just want to ask you, why are you selling the treasure map? And where did this treasure map come from?”

Chen Ping asked!

“I said I won’t answer you, let go of my hand right now or I’ll call out the guards!”

Watt threatened at Chen Ping!

“Do you think I would be afraid of the guards?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly and directly reached out to remove that Watt’s mask!

Watt was startled and reached out to block it, but he was no faster than Chen Ping, only to see Watt’s mask being taken off with one hand!

When Watt’s mask was taken off, Chen Ping was stunned to find that Watt looked very much like the wart, with only minor differences!

“You people don’t want the treasure map, then I’ll return the money to you, why did you make a move to remove my mask?”

Watt hurriedly snatched the mask and put it back on his face!

“What is your relationship with Watt’s tank?” Chen Ping asked!

Hearing the word Wajang, Watt’s body visibly trembled, but quickly calmed down and said, “What Wajang are you talking about, I don’t even know!”

“You don’t need to lie to me, you look almost identical to that tile jar, and you say you don’t know it?”

Chen Ping had a serious look on his face, then he held the tile once again and said, “Say, how did you get this treasure map? And why are you selling it?”