A Man Like None Other Chapter 2849

“Ah …………”

Ji Yun had been beaten for half a day, and when he saw that no one was stopping him, he became angry, so he roared and swung a palm towards Chen Ping!

Seeing this, Chen Ping’s body quickly retreated and dodged Ji Yun’s palm!

Ji Yun was at the seventh level of the Combined Body Realm, and he had struck with anger, so his palm was very powerful!

Seeing that Chen Ping had dodged his palm, Ji Yun’s eyes were filled with anger and he leapt up once again, heading straight for Chen Ping!

But just as Ji Yun leapt up, he saw Lord Yan’s palm gently wave, and in an instant, a strong force pressed down, pinning Ji Yun to the spot, unable to move!

“How dare you, to do it in front of me?”

Lord Yan roared in a stern voice!

“Lord Yan, it was that Chen Ping who struck me first, as you can see.”

Ji Yun said angrily!

“Of course I saw it, he hit you with his hands and violated the rules of Jialing County, of course I will punish him.”

“And you even fought back, that’s a mutual assault, you both need to be punished!”

Lord Yan said!

When Ji Yun heard this, he hurriedly explained “Lord Yan, it was that Chen Ping who started the fight, if I don’t fight back, I’ll be killed.”

“I was defending myself, justifiable defence ……”

“There is no self-defense, you fight back is a mutual assault, there is no room for bargaining, but seeing as you were beaten to fight back, so you will be punished lightly and this Chen Ping will be punished heavily.”

Lord Yan said!

Hearing this, Ji Yun’s heart felt a little better, and then coldly looked at Chen Ping and said “Chen Ping, don’t be crazy, you dare to do it in front of Lord Yan, just wait and see how you will be punished later!”

Chen Ping didn’t care at all, he even had a cold smile on his face!

“Chen Ping, you have violated the rules of Jialing County by fighting privately in public, I feel that you should be punished, you have half a day to leave Jialing County, if you don’t leave within half a day, I will take you to the water prison!”

Lord Yan said to Chen Ping with a serious face!

“No problem!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Originally, Chen Ping was planning to leave Jialing County, half a day was enough time!

But when Ji Yun heard this punishment, he was dumbfounded and looked at Lord Yan in disbelief, “Lord Yan, this …… is a severe punishment?”

“What? You don’t think it’s appropriate?” Lord Yan asked!

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that.” Ji Yun shook his head repeatedly “Then how will Lord Yan punish me?”

“You will be punished lightly by paying a fine of 100 million spirit coins, and you will not be expelled from Jialing County!”

Lord Yan said casually!

“A fine of one hundred million spirit coins?” When Ji Yun heard this, his lungs exploded with anger!

Where the fuck was this a lenient punishment, understanding that it was even heavier than Chen Ping’s fine!

But Ji Yun didn’t dare to say anything, after all, this was in Jialing County, in someone else’s territory!

“What? You think it’s less?” Lord Yan asked!

“No, no, no, it’s quite a lot, quite a lot ……” Ji Yun shook his head hastily and hurriedly asked Shi Tieqiao to come up with a fine of 100 million spirit coins!

Although one hundred million spirit coins was nothing for the Flying Heavenly Clan, after all, the Flying Heavenly Clan was all about business and was very rich!

But this unfair punishment made Ji Yun feel very uncomfortable in his heart!

To Ji Yun’s surprise, the next thing that made him even more uncomfortable appeared!

Only to see Lord Yan, after getting a fine of 100 million spirit coins, actually throw it directly to Chen Ping.

“This is the one hundred million spirit coins you borrowed, keep it ……”

Lord Yan said as he tossed the spirit coins to Chen Ping!

“Thanks a lot Lord Yan!” Chen Ping smiled and put the spirit coins away!

Pfft …………

Seeing this scene, Ji Yun was so angry that he vomited blood straight away, but even so, he didn’t even dare to let out a fart.

“I warn you, whoever dares to fight privately again will not be forgiven lightly!”

After Lord Yan finished speaking, he disappeared between shifts of his body!

A few of the guards left in a huff as well, while the others looked at Chen Ping with shocked faces!

They could see, even if they were blind, that Lord Yan was clearly favouring Chen Ping!