A Man Like None Other Chapter 2848

“One hundred million?” Lord Yan froze, then said “I don’t have a hundred million spirit coins on me, I need to go and draw on it to get it.”

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao, seeing that this Chen Ping did not admit to beating people up, he even borrowed money from Lord Yan, he was really an odd one!

“Chen Ping, the injury on our son’s body is still there, it’s useless for you to try to deny it.” Seeing that Chen Ping would not admit, Shi Tieqiao shouted angrily!

“That was your gongzi’s stupidity, he fell on his own, so what’s it to me?”

Chen Ping said with a disdainful smile!

“You …………” Shi Tieqiao was pissed off half to death!

And those few guards were also looking a little ugly at the moment, they didn’t expect Lord Yan to come!

“Alright, since we didn’t see this matter, let’s leave it at that, no one is allowed to fight privately within Jialing County in the future!”

Lord Yan waved his hand and said!

It was obvious that this matter would be let go and not pursued!

Hearing Lord Yan say so, Ji Yun immediately became reluctant.

“Lord Yan, I have injuries on my body and people saw me, how dare you just say one word and let it go like that?”

“If that’s the case, is it possible for me to fight privately within Jialing County as well?”

Ji Yun questioned at Lord Yan!

“You try ……” Lord Yan’s face was cold as he looked at Ji Yun with a cold expression!

Seeing Lord Yan’s expression, Ji Yun hurriedly said “I was just making an analogy, I would never do anything to break the rules of Jialing County!”

“But this Chen Ping did hit me, this is a private fight ……”

“I told you, I didn’t see it, if I had seen him fighting privately, I would have punished it.”

Lord Yan said!

“Well then, I’ll show Lord Yan just how wild this fellow is!”

Ji Yun finished speaking and walked directly towards Chen Ping, then glanced at Liu Ruyan beside Chen Ping and said “Chen Ping, this woman is your daoist partner, right?”

“But isn’t it too much of a waste to be so good looking and only serve you alone, after you leave Jialing County, watch how I strip this woman naked and let everyone ride her ……”

“Bastard, rogue …………”

Liu Ruyan cursed angrily with a red face!

And Ji Yun was looking at Chen Ping with a faint smile on his face, he was deliberately provoking Chen Ping so that he could hit himself, so that then Lord Yan would see it with his own eyes!

“You’re deliberately provoking me so that I can beat you up?”

Chen Ping asked!

“Not bad, weren’t you very bullish just now? How come Lord Yan is here and you don’t dare?”

“Beat me up, beat me up ……”

Ji Yun put his face in front of Chen Ping and kept provoking!

“Since you want to be beaten so badly, I’ll make it happen ……”

Chen Ping said and raised his hand and swung out!


There was a crisp sound and Ji Yun received a vicious slap!

But just as Ji Yun was overjoyed and ready to let Lord Yan punish Chen Ping, Chen Ping didn’t stop and then his palm fell again!

Slap …………

A series of crisp sounds, directly smacking that Ji Yun’s face!

Everyone on the sidelines looked dumbfounded, only to see Ji Yun’s head trying to rattle like a drum, being smacked back and forth by Chen Ping, and Ji Yun didn’t dare to fight back!

“Lord Yan, did you see it, did you see it, this Chen Ping did it, he’s hitting our family gongzi ……”

Seeing this, Shi Tieqiao rushed forward and said to Lord Yan!

“I saw it, no need for you to remind me.” Lord Yan said coldly!

“Since you saw it, then hurry up and stop him?”

Shi Tieqiao said anxiously!

By now Ji Yun had already been slapped by Chen Ping dozens of times, he wanted to dodge, but he could no longer do so, he was dizzy from the beating!

“You’re ordering me around?” Lord Yan looked at Shi Tieqiao with a cold expression!

This scared Shi Tieqiao so much that his body trembled and he waved his hands repeatedly, “No, no, no, I don’t dare ……”

Everyone just watched in silence as Ji Yun was beaten into a pig’s head, and no one stepped forward to stop him!