A Man Like None Other Chapter 2846

“Hmph, fighting across levels? I’m not really afraid of fighting across the ranks.”

Ji Yun snorted coldly, then swept his eyes over Liu Ruyan’s body, “Little girl, you look quite new, where are you from? Do you want to play with me?”

“Rascal, shameless …………”


“Hahahaha, the chick is quite hot, but that’s how I like it.”

“Brother, I’m the Grand Duke of the Flying Heaven Sect, if you follow me, you’ll be guaranteed to eat and drink, isn’t that better than following a fellow of the second rank of the Combined Body Realm?”

Ji Yun said with a bad smile on his face as he looked at Liu Ruyan!

“I pooh ……”

Liu Ruyan spat fiercely!

“Are you looking for death?”

Chen Ping asked, looking coldly at Ji Yun!

Ji Yun froze and then laughed out loud “Kid, what are you saying? That I’m looking for death?”

“Hahahaha, you’re not kidding, are you? You’re a fellow of the second rank of the Harmony Realm, and you dare to talk to me like that?”

“Do you believe that I will crush you to death with one hand?”

“I don’t believe it!” Chen Ping shook his head!

“Don’t believe it? If you don’t believe me then I’ll show you if I can clean you up with one hand!”

Ji Yun said, about to strike at Chen Ping!

But Shi Tieqiao behind him hurriedly stopped Ji Yun and said, “Sir Ji, you have to be calm, this is in Jialing County, you can’t fight in private.

“We can’t fall for it, if we fight privately, if Jia Ling County finds out about it, we will be kicked out and punished.”

When Ji Yun heard this, he withdrew the hand he was about to wave out, and looked at Chen Ping coldly, “Kid, you are only rampant in Jialing County, if you go out of Jialing County, see if I don’t kill you, if you dare to let our Flying Heaven Sect’s three winged dragons go, you are looking for death!”

“What? You don’t dare to make a move?”

Chen Ping said with a disdainful expression!

“Could it be that you dare not make a move? If you dare, then come and beat me, come on, come on ……”

Ji Yun actually put his face directly over and let Chen Ping hit him!

Ji Yun was sure that Chen Ping wouldn’t dare to break the rules of Jialing County!

But he didn’t expect that Chen Ping wasn’t afraid of the rules of Jialing County, after all, the Lord of Jialing County had something to ask of him!

Even if he broke the rules of Jialing County, he wouldn’t be punished in any way!

Just as Ji Yun brought his face over, Chen Ping slapped him violently!


There was a crisp sound, and it hit Ji Yun’s face hard!

Immediately afterwards, Chen Ping kicked Ji Yun in the chest!

Ji Yun received a solid kick, and without the slightest defense, his whole body was instantly kicked out and fell into the courtyard!

All the people present were stunned and looked at Chen Ping incredulously!

They didn’t expect that Chen Ping would dare to strike within Jialing County!

“Gongzi, Gongzi …………” Shi Tieqiao and the old crone rushed out and helped Ji Yun up!

Chen Ping got up and walked out!

The others in the living room, followed suit and went out, all wanting to see the joke!

“Ah, you bastard, how dare you really do it, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you ……”

Ji Yun roared in anger, in front of so many people, he was a seventh ranked cultivator in the Harmony realm, yet he was slapped by Chen Ping, a second ranked cultivator in the Harmony realm, and brought up!

“My lord, you must be calm, don’t make a move, don’t make a move, the people from Jialing County must be arriving soon!”

Shi Tieqiao said as he pulled Ji Yun to his death!

Just at this moment, several armour-clad guards from Jialing County rushed in with their weapons!

“Who is so bold as to dare to engage in a private fight within Jialing County?”

One of the guards asked in an angry voice!

“It’s him, he’s the one who struck our gongzi ……”

Shi Tieqiao said as he pointed at Chen Ping!