A Man Like None Other Chapter 2845

The Three Monsters took Chen Ping and Ruyan Liu to find Nawat.

Soon several people arrived at a rather secretive little courtyard, which was not particularly large, but had two men standing guard at the entrance!

Seeing Chen Ping and the others approaching, they stopped them and asked, “What are you doing?”

“This big brother, we are here to buy the treasure map ……”

Da Jie said as he stepped forward!

“Here to buy the map?” The guard looked at Chen Ping and the others twice, then said “10 million spirit coins for the entrance fee, know the rules?”

“Yes, I know ……”

Da Jie nodded his head repeatedly, then looked at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping didn’t have any spirit coins either, so he could only look at Liu Ruyan, the spirit coins Chen Ping had won in the ring, all of them had been given to Wajang!

Liu Ruyan took out 10 million spirit coins and gave them to the counterpart, who then let them go, “Go in ……”

Chen Ping walked in!

The first time he went into the courtyard, he took a few more steps and arrived at the living room!

When Chen Ping walked into the living room, they found that there were already people inside the living room.

They only saw two men and a woman walking inside the living room, and the three people didn’t look like they knew each other!

When they saw Chen Ping enter, all three of them looked at Chen Ping for a while!

Chen Ping and the others were not at a high level of strength, so they didn’t pay any attention to them after they had a look around!

Chen Ping also took a look at the three people in front of him, all of them were fifth-ranked cultivators of the Harmonious Body Realm, this kind of strength, in an ordinary clan, would be considered as a mid-ranking pillar!

However, Chen Ping did not sense the aura of the Ancient Refining Body from the three people, proving that these three people were not watts, they should also be here to buy the treasure map!

Chen Ping and the others found a place and quietly waited for the wat to appear!

After waiting for a few moments, they saw two more men walk in, both with arrogant faces, carrying large swords around their waists, and looking at the exact same costumes, they should be fellow disciples and brothers.

Both of them were of the sixth grade of the Harmony Realm, the highest realm in this room!

At the sight of these two men, the two men and one woman who were just sitting in the living room got a little nervous!

After all, they were both here to buy the treasure map, and when they really found the treasure, there would definitely be a clash, and when that happened, the one with the higher strength realm would definitely come out on top!

These two people came in, and after casually surveying the few people inside the living room, they also found a place to sit down!

A few more minutes passed, but Watt still did not appear, but then three more people came in!

They were also two men and one woman, but when they walked in, Chen Ping was instantly frozen!

Because among these two men and one woman, two of them were known to Chen Ping, namely Shi Tieqiao of the Flying Heaven Clan and the old woman!

There was also a young man dressed in white, but by the looks of it, his status was even higher than that of Shi Tieqiao, the elder!

Shi Tieqiao and the old crone were behind the young man, just like followers!

This young man was Ji Yun, the eldest son of the Flying Heaven Sect, and was considered a very talented person.

Chen Ping took a glance at Ji Yun and felt a little surprised, this Ji Yun was not very old, yet he had already reached the seventh rank of the Combined Body Realm!

To reach the seventh grade of the Harmonious Body Realm at this age was a rare and rare existence!

“Chen Ping, surprisingly you’re here too?”

Shi Tieqiao said with a frown after seeing Chen Ping and the others!

“Elder Shi, you know this person?”

Ji Yun asked to Shi Tieqiao!

“Ji Gongzi, this guy is the one who secretly let our three pterodactyls go, and …………”

Shi Tieqiao whispered a few words in that Ji Yun’s ear!

Chen Ping didn’t need to think to know what this Shi Tieqiao was saying after this Ji Yun!

“Oh, a mere second rank of the Combined Body realm has this kind of ability?”

That Ji Yun looked at Chen Ping twice in some disbelief, he couldn’t believe that Chen Ping, a second rank of the Harmony Realm, could pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

“Sir Ji, this kid is able to fight beyond his level, he cannot be taken lightly!”

Shi Tieqiao said!