A Man Like None Other Chapter 2843

“Okay, I promise you!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Mr. Chen ……” When Yih saw that Chen Ping had actually agreed, he hurriedly tried to block it, but was stopped by Chen Ping’s outstretched hand!

“I can go find the treasure and take the Ice Pill Pill, except that there is no way for me to leave Jialing County right now, that Thunder Eagle King is waiting for me outside on guard!”

“As soon as I go out, that Thunder Eagle King will kill me, and I won’t be able to look for the treasure?”

Chen Ping said!

“This is easy, there is more than one exit in Jialing County, you can just change the exit and leave!”

“But after you leave Jialing County, it’s out of my hands if you encounter anything else!”

The Sheriff said!

“Well, I hope you will keep your promise and heal my friend!”

Chen Ping nodded his head!

“Let your friend stay here and when you retrieve the Ice Pill Pill, your friend will have recovered as well.”

The Sheriff had asked Yih to stay at the Sheriff’s residence!

Chen Ping didn’t know if the Sheriff’s Mistress was really doing this to cure Yih’s poison, or if she was leaving Yih behind as a hostage, afraid that she wouldn’t return when she got the Ice Pill Pill!

Chen Ping looked at Yi He, then nodded and said “Yes!”

Yi He was now suppressed, so even if he followed him to find the treasure, he wouldn’t be able to do much, and he would be in danger!

After coming out of the county lord’s residence, Chen Ping didn’t look too good!

“Chen Ping, don’t get too stressed, no matter what happens, I will be by your side.”

Liu Ruyan saw that Chen Ping was not in a good mood, so she comforted him!

“Ai, my strength is still too low, I’m limited in everything I do now, I have to raise my strength as soon as possible!”

Chen Ping sighed!

If Chen Ping’s strength was strong enough today, how could the Sheriff dare to negotiate with him on terms.

“Mr. Chen, at your age, having this kind of strength is already very good, you are only at the second rank realm of the Harmony Realm, even if you encounter a fifth rank cultivator of the Harmony Realm, you won’t even be put in your eyes!”

“There are not many geniuses like you in the entire Celestial Realm, I’m afraid!”

“You raising one realm is equivalent to others raising a few realms, so you’ll definitely need more resources to cultivate!”

“You must not be too eager to get too far ahead, lest you go off the rails!”

The Third Elder advised Chen Ping!

He was afraid that Chen Ping’s mind would be disturbed and he would get carried away with his work and go off the rails to practice evil techniques!

“Third Elder, don’t worry, I won’t be in a hurry!”

Chen Ping nodded his head!

After returning to his residence, Chen Ping intended to go searching for the treasure on his own, but Liu Ruyan was simply not at ease, so she insisted on following!

The Third Elder, on the other hand, was going to transport the various resources that had been rewarded this time, back to the Jade Tripod Sect!

Besides, the Jade Tripod Sect had left Nie Heng to manage it for a long time, and he was afraid that Nie Heng wouldn’t be able to manage it!

After Chen Ping and Liu Ruyan separated after the Third Elder, the two of them left the inner city and went to look for the Three Monstrous Thieves!

This time, in search of treasure, perhaps the skills of these three brothers could be brought to bear!

After all, these three fellows were in the business of stealing chickens and dogs!

When Chen Ping led Liu Ruyan to the Three Monstrous Thieves, the three men were arguing with red faces!

“I blame big brother, I said don’t gamble anymore, don’t gamble anymore, but you have to keep gambling, now you’re penniless!”

Three Jie said complainingly!

“Can you blame me? Didn’t I want to get my capital back too? Mr. Chen gave us so many spirit coins, but we lost them all, how can I explain?”

Big Jay argued!

“Alright stop arguing, if we can’t, let’s just do our old job and invest some money to live!”

Erjie said!

“You’re looking for death?”

Big Jay and Third Jay glared at the same time “This is Jialing County, if you dare to steal something, when you die, you won’t even find the body.”

“Then what should we do? Are the three of us just going to have to watch as there are delicacies we can’t taste and beautiful women we can’t chat with?”

“Then it would be better to die ……”

Er Jie had a look of lifelessness on his face!

“It’s just losing some money, what’s all the fuss about ……”

At this moment, Chen Ping walked over with a smile on his face!

When they saw Chen Ping, the three monstrous thieves were all full of excitement!