A Man Like None Other Chapter 2839

Looking at the kneeling Zhu Zhu on the ground, Suo Xing Yue was filled with anger and did not say anything, but looked at the few senior brothers around her!

“Senior brother, the reputation of my Danyang Sect is not to be tarnished.”

“That’s right, today a few of us almost became sinners and almost plunged our Danyang Sect into a place of no return!”

“Ai, my Danyang Sect has such disciples, shame on you, shame on you ……”

After several Danyang Sect elders finished speaking, they all turned around and left!

As for how to punish this Zhu Zhu, they didn’t care, it was all up to Suo Xing Yue to do it herself!

“Master, I’m really wrong, please forgive me once more, I’m really wrong!”

Zhu Zhu kept kowtowing and admitting her mistake!

Suo Xing Yue frowned and could see that it was very difficult for him to do so!

In the end, though, Soso Xing Yue slapped Zhu Zhu!

This palm strike, however, did not kill Zhu Zhu, but directly nullified Zhu Zhu’s cultivation!

“You and I have been master and disciple for many years, I will now take back what I have taught you, leave this place on your own and go wherever you wish, from now on I am no longer your master.”

Suo Xing Yue said with her eyes slightly closed, not daring to look at Zhu Zhu!

“Master, Master, I have no cultivation now, to walk out of here is to die, where do you want me to go?”

“Please, I am willing to serve Master forever, please don’t drive me away!”

Zhu Zhu prayed!

But Suo Xing Yue turned away and did not look at Zhu Zhu!

“Chen Ping, please, please speak for me, I know I’m wrong, I won’t dare again!”

Zhu Zhu actually started to ask Chen Ping to plead for her!

But Chen Ping looked at Zhu Zhu, who was on her knees and crying bitterly, without the slightest hint of pity on her face!

“You are to blame for this, there is no one else to blame!”

Chen Ping said with a cold face!

After half a day of begging, Zhu Zhu saw that Suo Xingyue had already made up her mind and knew that there was no way she could stay, so she slowly got up and turned around and slowly left!

After a few steps, Zhu Zhu looked back at Chen Ping and Suo Xingyue, but her eyes were already full of hatred!

But no one cared about her anymore, a person who had lost her cultivation would probably be eaten by some beasts when she walked out of Jialing County!

“It’s my incompetence in teaching, causing such a big scandal, Mr. Chen is really sorry!”

“I’ll excuse myself for now ……”

Suo Xingyue’s face was ugly, and he was about to leave after he finished speaking!

“Elder Suo, wait a moment ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly called out to Suo Xingyue!

“Mr. Chen, is there anything else?” Suo Xingyue asked!

“Elder Suo, this Meng He’s Spiritual Cauldron is not of much use to me, so I’ll give it to Elder Suo, I’m thinking it’s important to you!”

With a wave of Chen Ping’s hand, that Spirit Cauldron came into Chen Ping’s hand!

“This this this ………… this is not appropriate, right?”

Suo Xingyue said with a face full of shock!

Because of his disciple, Chen Ping had almost lost the match, yet he didn’t want Chen Ping to even give him the Spirit Cauldron!

“What’s inappropriate, just take it!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

Suo Xingyue put the spirit censer away and looked at Chen Ping with a feeling on her face, “Mr. Chen, if your Jade Cauldron Sect needs us in the future, we are absolutely obliged to help!”

The reason why Chen Ping didn’t leave it with Liu Ruyan or give it to the Third Elder was because Chen Ping was still in the Jade Tripod Sect for the time being, and if he needed to make pills, he had his Shen Nong Cauldron!

Another point is that Chen Ping knows that he cannot stay in the Jade Tripod Sect for the rest of his life, so he can form a friendship with the Danyang Sect through the Spirit Cauldron, so that even if Chen Ping is no longer in the Jade Tripod Sect, the Danyang Sect can help each other with the Jade Tripod Sect and make things easier for Liu Ruyan!

Besides, with the Jade Tripod Sect’s strength, it might not be able to keep the Spiritual Cauldron, and it would bring disaster to the Jade Tripod Sect!