A Man Like None Other Chapter 2837

Meng He, the facts are in front of you, you have lost, what else do you have to say?”

The old man asked coldly at Meng He!

“How could this be? How can this be?”

Meng He was as dumb as a fool, going back and forth in circles at a loss for words!

“I now announce that the first place winner of this Pill Master Association competition is Chen Ping!”

The old man announced loudly!

As soon as the result was announced, many people on the stage erupted in applause!

“From now on, we have late-blooming talents in the pharmacist community ……”

“Shennong Ding, this is the first time I’ve seen a divine Ding.”

“Even with the divine Nong Cauldron, refining a seventh grade pill in a few minutes, I’m afraid not many people can do it.”

The crowd now began to praise Chen Ping in a lopsided manner, there was no longer a single word of mockery or doubt!

“Meng He, now that the winner has been decided, is it time to realise what you promised, one by one?”

Chen Ping said to Meng He!

Meng He looked coldly at Chen Ping, his eyes full of defiance, but he had indeed lost now!

“Chen Ping, what I said at the time was nothing more than a joke, it doesn’t count at all, and there is nothing about this Pill Master’s Association competition that says you can participate in the bet.”

There was no way Meng He was going to kneel down for Chen Ping, much less give away his Spirit Cauldron!

“You tricked me?” Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared!

“So what if I tricked you? This is Jialing County, do you still dare to make a move against me?”

The reason why Meng He was arrogant was because the rule in Jialing County was that you couldn’t fight privately!

Looking at Meng He’s arrogant look, Chen Ping’s fists clenched tightly together!

“The rules of Jialing County are that no private fights are allowed, but on top of the ring is an exception, and now this ring for the alchemy competition is considered a ring!”

The old man spoke slowly at this point!

The old man’s words could not be more obvious, that was to tell Chen Ping that this was in the ring and he could not care about the rules of Jialing County!

How could Chen Ping not hear the meaning of the old man’s words!

Just as the old man’s words fell, Chen Ping had already thrown a punch out!

“Dare to trick me, I will make you pay the price ……”

Chen Ping punched Meng He in the abdomen, directly causing Meng He to slump to the ground!

With Meng He’s strength, how could he be a match for Chen Ping!

Chen Ping hit Meng He like an adult hitting a child.

Chen Ping stepped forward, picked up Meng He’s collar and slapped him out with a few slaps!

Meng He didn’t have the slightest strength to fight, and was soon bruised and swollen.

“Chen Ping, stop it ……”

Seeing Meng He beaten like this, Zhu Zhu rushed up with great distress, then yelled at Chen Ping!

“Zhu Zhu, get your ass back here ……”

When Suo Xing Yue saw that Zhu Zhu was still protecting that Meng He at this time, she was furious and cursed!

But Zhu Zhu didn’t listen at all and was still protecting Meng He’s body!

Chen Ping looked at Zhu Zhu and didn’t bother with her at all. With a wave of his hand, he pushed Zhu Zhu aside and then took Meng He and gave him a beating!

“I’m wrong, don’t hit …………”

Meng He began to beg for mercy!

“Kneel down and kowtow ……”

Chen Ping said coldly!

Meng He knelt down with a poof, then kowtowed to Chen Ping!

“What about that spirit censer of yours?” Chen Ping asked!

“It’s for you, straight away, I don’t want it ……”

Meng He was scared by Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at Meng He’s wimpy face and waved his hand, “Go away ……”

Seeing this, Meng He hurriedly got up and was about to leave, but was pulled by Zhu Zhu!

“Brother Meng, didn’t you say you’d take me with you? Take me with you ……”

Zhu Zhu knew that even if she stayed, there would be no good consequences for her, after all, Suo Xing Yue had already started to suspect her!

“Get lost, who’s taking you along, I’m just lying to you, you don’t even look at yourself looking like that, I get sick when I see it.”

Meng He pushed Zhu Zhu straight to the ground and scolded viciously!