A Man Like None Other Chapter 2833

“This is the Spirit Cauldron, it’s simply fantastic, if I had this Spirit Cauldron, I could refine a fifth grade top grade pill.”

“It’s too conservative, if I had this Spirit Cauldron, I could definitely refine a sixth grade elixir.”

“Now this Meng He is a fifth grade lower grade pill master, I wonder how many grades of pills he can refine with this Spirit Cauldron?”

As the crowd looked at the Spirit Cauldron that Meng He took out, they were all envious, even Suo Xing Yue and the others had envy in their eyes!

Looking at the envious gazes of the crowd, Meng He couldn’t say how pleased he was!

“Good, since both parties have agreed, it is so decided, the two of you use your own cauldrons to make pills as you wish!”

“As for the medicinal materials for the alchemy, we in Jialing County.”

“You two prepare it!”

The old man said!

Upon hearing this, the crowd all looked at Chen Ping, wanting to see what kind of dan furnace Chen Ping himself was using!

It was a pity that Chen Ping didn’t take out a dan furnace with both hands empty!

“Chen Ping, don’t you take out your dan furnace and want to compete with me with your hands?”

Meng He saw that Chen Ping did not take out his dan furnace and asked in disbelief!

“I was afraid that after I took out the dan furnace, I would scare you away, so I let you refine the dan first.”

Chen Ping said!

“This contestant, there is a time limit for refining pills and you have to refine them together to do so.”

“If you don’t take out the potion furnace, the competition can begin!”

The old man said as he looked at Chen Ping!

“Let’s start, if I don’t let him have some time, I’m afraid someone will say I’m bullying.”

Chen Ping said to the old man!

“Chen Ping, you’re too crazy, I’m telling you, I’m going to refine a seventh grade elixir this time, if you can’t refine it, then be a good boy and get off the stage!”

“Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you can refine a fifth grade superior elixir, I will let you taste the taste of being crushed!”

Meng He said with a smug look on his face!

“Alright then, since you’re refining seventh grade pills, then I’ll refine seventh grade pills as well.”

Chen Ping said!

“Hahahaha, what the hell are you driving at, are you refining seventh grade pills with your hands? You don’t even have a potion furnace yet.”

Meng He laughed out loud!

“What do you care about me, I shit out a seventh grade elixir, you can’t care about that either.”

Chen Ping said with the corner of his mouth raised!

Meng He was stunned, then his face was gloomy and he said, “Good boy, you don’t see the coffin and don’t shed a tear. ……”

“Judge, let’s start, I want this kid to see the power of the Spirit Cauldron!”

Meng He didn’t want to follow Chen Ping’s nonsense anymore!

The old man took a look at Chen Ping and found that Chen Ping really had no intention of taking out the potion furnace, so he could only wave his hand and said, “The competition begins ……”

When he heard that the competition had begun, Meng He picked out the many medicinal materials in Jialing County, and then, according to the seventh-grade dan recipe, put the medicinal materials into the spirit pot and began to refine them!

The spirit fire blazed up inside the spirit censer, and the thick fragrance of medicine wafted out in all directions!

Everyone was quietly watching Meng He refine the pills, while Chen Ping looked natural and did not move a bit, also quietly watching Meng He refine the pills!

“This fellow called Chen Ping, he still hasn’t taken out his dan furnace to refine, does he really have some kind of killer technique?”

“What kind of killer move is there? I think he’s probably conceding defeat and is deliberately disgusting Meng He!”

“When Meng He took out the Spirit Cauldron, that Chen Ping knew he was bound to lose, that’s why he’s acting so pretentious.”

Everyone thought that Chen Ping was playing hard to get and that Meng He must have won!

“This guy Chen Ping, I’ll see how long he can pretend.” Zhu Zhu was inwardly delighted to see that Chen Ping hadn’t even started refining his pills yet!

So it seemed that Meng He was a sure winner!

“What’s wrong with Mr. Chen? Is he going to admit defeat?”

Suo Xing Yue became anxious when she saw that Chen Ping hadn’t made a move yet!

In the end, Suo Xingyue brought out his own potion furnace, although his potion furnace was not as good as Meng He’s Spirit Cauldron, it was still stronger than an ordinary potion furnace!