A Man Like None Other Chapter 2828

As he watched Chen Ping’s God Condensation Pill become more and more glorious, Meng He was completely panicked!

He desperately exuded his divine sense, allowing his God Condensing Pill to absorb the power of divine sense, but even with all his efforts, the speed at which the Pill was forming was still unable to catch up with Chen Ping!

Meng He’s eyes suddenly became sharp as he saw his fingers move, and an unmistakable aura spread in all directions!

Chen Ping was the closest to Meng He, so he immediately sensed this aura!

This aura carried with it a suction force that began to absorb the power of Chen Ping’s divine sense!

Chen Ping smiled coldly and a golden light flashed in his consciousness, and Meng He’s aura disappeared in an instant like a mouse meeting a cat!

Although Chen Ping was not afraid of Meng He’s tricks, the other pillsmiths were not so lucky!

They could sense that they were losing their own divine sense, but there was nothing they could do to stop it!

After absorbing the others’ divine sense power, Meng He’s God Condensing Pill also began to shine brightly!

Boom, boom, boom …………

Suddenly, the other three of the five pill masters had their God Condensation Pills burst in front of them, and a large amount of their divine consciousness instantly dissipated!

Only Chen Ping’s and Meng He’s God Condensation Pills were glowing!

At the end of time, Chen Ping and Meng He were each holding their own Pill Pills!

Judging from their appearances and luster alone, the two were indistinguishable from each other, and could only be compared by the power of divine consciousness gathered by the God Condensation Pill!

“Even if you use despicable means, there’s no way you can win ……”

Chen Ping said as he looked at that Meng He!

“Really, let’s walk and see then ……”

Meng He smiled coldly!

Although he didn’t know why Chen Ping’s power of divine sense was still so powerful despite his damaged sea of consciousness, but fortunately he still had a backhand!
Now that several of the Danyang Sect’s elder referees had been poisoned, they would soon become delirious and blurred!

At that time, Zhu Zhu would use his convenience to rule that Meng He’s God Condensation Pill had won, and this was Meng He’s backhand!

The two God Condensation Pills were sent to the judges’ table, and several judges began to judge the colour of the two God Condensation Pills.

As Suo Xingyue looked at the two God Condensation Pills in front of her, a huge wave of mental energy enveloped the two God Condensation Pills!

But at that moment, Suo Xingyue’s body shook violently and her whole head became dizzy!

Seeing this, Zhu Zhu hurriedly went forward to support Suo Xingyue and said, “Master, which of these two God Condensing Pills is stronger?”

At this moment, Suo Xingyue seemed to be in a state of delirium and was unable to tell the difference between the two pills!

But still, she slowly raised her hand, and when Zhu Zhu saw this, she hurriedly held up Suo Xingyue’s hand and pointed at Meng He’s God Condensation Pill!

Someone then recorded it, before handing it over to the other judges to decide!

Zhu Zhu then stood behind some of the senior officials and did as she was told, making several of the Danyang Sect elders all choose Meng He’s God Condensation Pill to win!

After all this, Zhu Zhu secretly gave Meng He a wink!

When Meng He saw this, he smiled knowingly!

But the moment of eye contact between Zhu Zhu and Meng He was caught by Chen Ping!

Seeing the exchange of looks between the two, Chen Ping’s brow furrowed slightly, knowing that the two of them must have something unspeakable going on!

In the end, after that old referee looked at the God Condensation Pill in front of him and covered it through his own spiritual power, his entire body instantly froze!

The vast power of divine sense in Chen Ping’s God Condensation Pill was something that even he had never felt before!

Even though Meng He’s God Condensation Pill looked similar to Chen Ping’s in appearance and lustre, when compared to the power of divine sense contained in it!

Meng He’s God Condensation Pill was rubbish, there was no way it could compare to Chen Ping’s!