A Man Like None Other Chapter 2822

“The Ikh Demon Emperor? I didn’t expect you to be here?”

“I said how someone was able to pick my Heavenly Thunder Fruits, but it turns out that you were behind it!”

“Just this kid is only at the second rank of the Combined Body realm, if you give him a few more ranks, I’m afraid he won’t be able to pick my Heavenly Thunder Fruit.”

“So the one who picked my Heavenly Thunder Fruit was actually you ……”

The Thunder Eagle King’s face was full of anger, and the burst of murderous aura emanating from his eyes sent shivers down one’s spine!

Facing the Thunder Eagle King in front of him, Chen Ping’s heart actually had a few moments of fear.

But now it seemed that this Thunder Eagle King didn’t seem to know that Yih’s strength had been suppressed!

Since that was the case, then they could fool the Thunder Eagle King for the time being!

After all, Yi He’s original strength was not much different from that Thunder Eagle King’s.

Chen Ping glanced at Yi He and winked at him. Yi He instantly understood and smiled towards the Thunder Eagle King, “Thunder Eagle King, just picking three of your Heavenly Thunder Fruits, why are you so angry?”

“There are ten fruits on your Heavenly Thunder Tree, I only picked three of them and didn’t finish them for you, that’s already very meaningful!”

“Yih, you are so shameless, you secretly picked my Heavenly Thunder Fruits and now you dare to say such things, believe it or not, I will level your Demon Emperor City?” The Thunder Eagle King roared!

“Thunder Eagle King, you should also stop talking big, if you could level my Demon Emperor City, would you still need to wait until now?”

“I am not afraid to tell you that my daughter is already going to marry King Li’s son, when that time comes our two families will become in-laws, what do you think will happen next?”

Yih said with a cold smile!

Upon hearing this, King Lei Ying’s expression instantly became a little tense, his eyes staring deadly at Yi He, the muscles on his face constantly throbbing!

“Your two families are not going to gang up on me, are they?” King Thunderhawk asked!

“Guess ……” Ih said with a laugh!

King Lei Ying didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to guess, Demon Emperor City would definitely join forces and deal with him if they followed Ming Li King City and really made a relative!

At this moment, the Thunder Eagle King looked a little scared!

Originally, the three families were considered a trio, and no one dared to make a move easily for fear that the other family would reap the benefits!

But now it was different, if the Demon Emperor City joined forces with the Ming Li King City, then his Eagle King Cave would be in danger!

When Yi He looked at the expression of King Lei Ying, he knew that his foolishness had worked, so he continued, “King Lei Ying, I just picked three of your Heavenly Thunder Fruits, if you treat this as if it didn’t happen, then I can guarantee you that our Demon Emperor City will definitely not be an enemy of your Eagle King Cave.”

“Even if we unite against you, it’s only for the sake of the Heavenly Lightning Fruits, since I have now obtained the Heavenly Lightning Fruits, why would I still want to unite with that Knight King?”

Yih’s words made the Thunder Eagle King hesitate, he felt that what Yih said was somewhat reasonable!

While the Thunder Eagle King was hesitating, Yih continued while the iron was hot, “If you don’t agree, you can snatch those three Heavenly Thunder Fruits from my hands now, only if you snatch them back, I can guarantee that all ten of your Heavenly Thunder Fruits will disappear!”

“I can even unite with King Li to push down your Heavenly Thunder Tree, destroy your Eagle King Cave, and make you a mourning dog ……”

Yi He’s aura made the Thunder Eagle King afraid, then spoke “Yi He, I hope you can keep your word, those three Heavenly Thunder Fruits will be given to you ……”

After the Thunder Eagle King finished speaking, he turned around and left!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into, and you’ll be in trouble if you let the Thunder Eagle King know that his strength has long been suppressed!

But just as Yih had taken a breath, his face suddenly changed!

I saw the figure of the Thunder Eagle King appeared in mid-air again, staring at Yi He with a deadly stare “Yi He, your body breath has been suppressed, and you still dare to lie to me, looking for death ……”