A Man Like None Other Chapter 2821

Chen Ping was about to leave with Yih, but Zhu Zhu had already walked out with the teapot in her hand!

“Mr. Chen, don’t leave yet, have a sip of tea before you go!”

“It’s my fault for what happened today, I shouldn’t have treated you with that attitude!”

Zhu Zhu said with a face of shame!

Zhu Zhu apologized to Chen Ping, which instantly made Chen Ping a little confused!

But he smiled lightly and said, “It’s alright, I don’t care!”

“Mr. Chen, what’s going on? Did Zhu Zhu offend you?”

Soso Xing Yue asked hurriedly!

“Oh, no, it’s fine!” Chen Ping shook his head in a hurry!

Suo Xingyue knew that with Zhu Zhu’s temper, she must not have given Chen Ping a good face, so she said, “Zhu Zhu, personally pour a cup of tea for Mr. Chen and bring it over!”

Zhu Zhu nodded, then poured a cup of tea and brought it over to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, I shouldn’t have looked down on you and treated you so badly, I’m sorry ……”

Zhu Zhu’s face was so sincere that Chen Ping could only accept the tea with embarrassment and drink it all!

Then Suo Xing Yue, their senior brother and a few others also began to drink tea and chat!

Soon the pot of tea was finished, and Chen Ping took Yih with him and left!

Looking at the empty empty teapot, Zhu Zhu’s heart didn’t know whether to be nervous or excited!

“Zhu Zhu, tomorrow at the Pill Master’s meeting, don’t run around, just follow behind me and learn more, in the future when Master is old, this position of judge will be handed over to you!”

Suo Xing Yue said to Zhu Zhu!

“Got it!” Zhu Zhu nodded her head!

And at that moment, after Chen Ping and Yih had left, they hadn’t gone very far when Chen Ping suddenly felt a burst of chaos in his sea of consciousness!

“Mr. Chen, something is destroying your sea of consciousness ……”

At that moment, Ochre Yan’s voice came out!

Amazing Ochre was now residing in Chen Ping’s sea of consciousness, so when Chen Ping’s sea of consciousness was attacked, Amazing Ochre could detect it at first!

Chen Ping frowned and his divine sense probed into his sea of consciousness, only to see that within his sea of consciousness, a greyish mist seemed to rise up, making it impossible for Chen Ping’s mental energy to focus.

Just when Chen Ping was confused as to what it was that would invade his sea of consciousness and wreak havoc, a golden light flashed in his sea of consciousness!

The grey fog was dispersed almost instantly, and Chen Ping’s sea of consciousness became clear!

Chen Ping checked and found that there were no more changes within his consciousness, and then he put his mind at ease!

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

At the side, Yih, seeing that Chen Ping’s face did not look quite right, asked!

“Oh, it’s nothing, maybe I’ve been too tired for a while!”

Chen Ping shook his head!

“Mr. Chen, if I can’t find an antidote to the poison, then I’ll resign myself to my fate, and you don’t have to be too anxious!”

Yih said guiltily.

He thought that Chen Ping was anxious to find the antidote to the poison!

“It’s alright, I’ll definitely get rid of the poison in you.”

Chen Ping smiled lightly, and then the two of them continued to walk forward!

But just after taking two steps, a moment of panic appeared on Chen Ping’s and Yih’s faces!

They sensed that an extremely terrifying aura was enveloping towards the two of them, an aura that directly rendered both Chen Ping and Yi He unable to move!

Chen Ping’s brow furrowed and his expression became incomparably grave as flames faintly burned above his two palms!

Based on this aura alone, Chen Ping knew that the person coming must be a fellow of great strength, and with Chen Ping’s current strength, there was no way he could deal with it!

So Chen Ping prepared his to fire in advance, as long as the situation was not right, he would immediately make his escape!

At that moment, in front of Chen Ping and Yih, a middle-aged man dressed in a straw coat with a pair of wings actually growing on his back appeared in front of them!

“Thunder Eagle King?”

Seeing the visitor, Yih’s face just changed!