A Man Like None Other Chapter 2819

“Juju, didn’t you just say that you would do anything for me?”

Meng He asked!

“But, but this kind of thing, I can’t do it, if I do, I definitely can’t stay in the Danyang Sect.”

Zhu Zhu said with a face full of embarrassment!

“Zhu Zhu, don’t worry about it, after the Pill Master Meeting, when I get the first place, I will take you far away, and you don’t have to go back to the Danyang Sect.”

“By then, the two of us will double up, you’ll give me several children, and we’ll live happily ever after, won’t we?”

Meng He said as he stepped forward and grabbed Zhu Zhu’s shoulders! Myriad Books

“But …… but I’m still …………”

Zhu Zhu had a difficult face, her expression looked painful!

But at that moment Meng He didn’t give Zhu Zhu a chance to speak, he fiercely kissed up and gagged Zhu Zhu to death!

Zhu Zhu was suddenly kissed by Meng He, and she became a bit disoriented!

Then Meng He dragged Zhu Zhu to a secluded place and slowly took off Zhu Zhu’s clothes!

Zhu Zhu didn’t put up a single resistance the whole time!

Soon, Zhu Zhu’s gasping sounds came out continuously!

After a few minutes, the panting stopped and Zhu Zhu was nestled unclothed in Meng He’s arms!

“Brother Meng, now that I’m yours, I’ll listen to whatever you say.”

“But you have to remember to promise me that when the Pill Master’s Conference is over, the two of us are going to double up.”

Zhu Zhu said with a satisfied look on her face!

Just a few minutes had satisfied Zhu Zhu, an untouched little girl, she had no idea that if this had been Chen Ping, it would have taken at least an hour or more!

“Don’t worry, you and I are now one, you have me and I have you, how could I possibly fail you!”

Meng He said, pulling out a small packet from his body and handing it to Zhu Zhu!

Zhu Zhu took the packet and clutched it tightly in her hand!

“Zhu Zhu, don’t worry, just put this packet into the tea, it’s colourless and tasteless, no one will be able to detect it.”

“It’s not poison, it won’t kill anyone, it will just make people temporarily unable to concentrate!”

Meng He explained!

“En!” Zhu Zhu nodded, then straightened her clothes and left!

Looking at Zhu Zhu’s back as she left, the corners of Meng He’s mouth curled up in a side of smugness!

At that moment, Chen Ping had already returned to the Danyang Sect’s residence within the Pill Master Association!

When Suo Xingyue saw that Chen Ping had returned by himself, she was a little puzzled and said, “Mr. Chen, how did you come back by yourself? Where is Zhu Zhu?”

“Oh, Miss Zhu Zhu ran into a friend, so she didn’t come back!”

Chen Ping said!

When Suo Xing Yue heard that, she immediately frowned and said, “Was the friend she met a guy? Named Meng He?”

Chen Ping nodded, “How did Elder Suo know that?”

“This girl, she really pisses me off, she doesn’t listen at all, I told you a long time ago that that Meng He is not a good person, don’t hang out with him, but you just don’t listen!”

“When she comes back, I’ll teach her a good lesson, that Meng He is a flirt and a despicable person, I just can’t understand how Zhu Zhu can like him!”

Suo Xing Yue said with a red face in anger!

“Elder Suo, I think that Meng He is a good-looking man, he’s not bad at all!” Chen Ping said!

“Mr. Chen doesn’t know, this Meng He is a despicable villain who once took advantage of Zhu Zhu’s feelings for him, and even let Zhu Zhu steal our Dan Yang Sect’s Dan recipes and secret manuals!”

“At last year’s Pill Master Meeting, he even tried to use Zhu Zhu and pleaded with me to cheat so that he could score extra points at the Pill Master Meeting, he is simply shameless!”

“I’ve repeatedly instructed Zhu Zhu not to come to me with that Meng He, but she didn’t even listen!”

Suo Xing Yue said!

When Chen Ping heard this, he also instantly felt that this Meng He was a bit too despicable, to take advantage of Zhu Zhu’s feelings for him and do such a thing!