A Man Like None Other Chapter 2815

“Go ahead and brag, later on we’ll see how you’ll be blown out if you fail at refining pills!”

“I can tell you, the refining of fifth grade top grade pills is very dangerous, if you don’t have enough spiritual power and can’t control the spirit fire, it will explode, and then it will blow you up, I’ll see how you can still brag!”

Although Chen Ping had passed the first level, but that Zhu Zhu still despised Chen Ping!

But Chen Ping just smiled lightly and didn’t say anything!

Chen Ping had absolute confidence, as long as he had enough herbs, even if the pills were higher than the fifth grade, Chen Ping would be able to refine them!

To Chen Ping, it was not difficult to make pills, it was difficult to get the herbs to make high grade pills!

The examiner took Chen Ping to an alchemy room, and Zhu Zhu went along with him!

Because of Zhu Zhu’s identity, the examiner did not stop him, after all, there was no way to cheat in alchemy, it was all up to Chen Ping’s own strength!

When they walked into the alchemy room, there were several dan furnaces of different shapes and sizes placed inside.

“For the sake of fairness, so you can’t use your own pottery furnace during the test, there are already pottery furnaces prepared here, you can choose the one you are familiar with to refine pills!”

“However, there is also a time limit for refining pills, you must refine them within the time limit before you can do so.”

“Within the time limit, you are allowed to fail, but if the elixir is not successfully refined within the time limit, then the test is a failure.”

“Because the fifth grade superior elixir is a high grade elixir and takes too long to refine, the assessment refinement only needs to be half-finished!”

The examiner followed Chen Ping as he explained the rules of the test!

An elixir like a fifth grade superior elixir, if it was refined by a fifth grade superior medicinal master, would take several days to make!

And it was impossible to give you a few days during the examination, so you only needed to refine it into a semi-finished product to be considered as having passed the examination!

“Examiner, can I not use these dan furnaces that you have prepared? I’m not used to using them ……”

Chen Ping asked to the examiner!

“Didn’t I tell you that you are not allowed to use the pellet furnaces you brought with you, that would be unfair, if someone brings in a divine censer to refine pills, then what is reflected, is not your true alchemy technique!”

The examiner said!

“I don’t need my own potion furnace!” Chen Ping shook his head!

“Then what do you use?” The examiner was puzzled!

“I’ll use that one ……”

Chen Ping casually pointed to an incense burner on a table not far away!

“Are you kidding, that is an incense burner, for inserting incense and timing, how can you refine a potion?”

The examiner said with a confused look on his face!

“Chen Ping, are you out of your mind, do you use an incense burner to refine pills? This is a fifth grade top grade elixir, do you still think you can refine those low grade ordinary elixirs?”

Zhu Zhu said to Chen Ping with a disgusted look on her face!

“I’m just asking if it’s okay to use that incense burner to refine pills, if it’s not allowed forget it.”

Chen Ping shrugged his shoulders and said!

“There is no rule that you cannot use the incense burner to refine pills, but you should know that using the furnace to refine pills has a bonus for refining pills, don’t you want to get the bonus of the furnace?”

The examiner asked!

“A mere fifth grade top grade elixir, where is the need for the bonus of a dan furnace, even if you give me a broken tile, I will still practice it for you!”

Chen Ping said with a look of indifference!

“Examiner, give him the incense stove, I’ve never seen someone so you can brag, I’d like to see how he can use the incense stove to refine a fifth grade superior elixir.”

Zhu Zhu looked at Chen Ping like that and was furious inside!

In fact, Chen Ping was deliberately angry at that Zhu Zhu, from the moment they met this little girl had despised herself, so Chen Ping wanted to show her his true skills!

“Good, in all my years as an examiner, I’ve never seen anyone use an incense burner to make pills, so today I’ll make an exception and see how you can use an incense burner to make pills.”

The examiner said, and emptied the incense ash from the incense burner, before throwing it to Chen Ping!