A Man Like None Other Chapter 2813

“People are out of sight, so it’s time for us to go. ……”

Chen Ping said to the nymphomaniac Zhu Zhu!

“What’s the rush, annoying ……”

Zhu Zhu gave Chen Ping a blank look, then continued, “I’m telling you, you’ll go for nothing even if you go, you don’t believe in this pill refining technique at all.”

“Look at big brother Meng, he is already a fifth grade lower level pill refiner at a young age, not even close to my master!”

“And big brother Meng is also graceful and exceptionally gentle and considerate ……”

In talking about this Meng He, Zhu Zhu seemed to have endless words to say, praising all the time!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, said with a smile, “It seems that you like this Meng He ……”

“Of course, what girl doesn’t like Brother Meng like this.”

Zhu Zhu nodded her head in unapologetic acknowledgement!

“But it seems to me that this guy doesn’t like you, and he has so many women around him.”

Chen Ping was able to see in Meng He’s eyes that he didn’t have the slightest interest in Zhu Zhu!

“You fart, do you know how to speak? Keep your mouth shut if you can’t speak.”

“Brother Meng definitely likes me, those women around him are just Brother Meng playing around.”

“The one he really likes is me, it’s just that my master keeps me in check, otherwise I would have been with Brother Meng a long time ago.”

After finishing her sentence, Zhu Zhu walked straight ahead and paid no attention to Chen Ping.

Soon the two arrived at the examination area, where at this moment there were quite a few people lining up to take the test, supposedly also pill masters who wanted to participate in the Pill Master’s Association but hadn’t gone through the test!

Zhu Zhu, on the other hand, by virtue of the face of the Danyang Sect, led Chen Ping in through the back door and did not need to queue up!

Zhu Zhu took Chen Ping directly to an examiner and said, “We are here for the examination.”

The examiner took a look and said, “Someone from the Danyang Sect, I didn’t expect there to be someone from your Danyang Sect who hadn’t taken the test?”

“Don’t misunderstand, this is not someone from our Danyang Sect, I just brought him here, you can take the test how you want, no need to consider our Danyang Sect.”
Zhu Zhu said to the examiner!

It seemed that Zhu Zhu didn’t want Chen Ping to use their Danyang Sect’s face, if it was a disciple of the Danyang Sect, the examiner would more or less let it go!

The examiner glanced at Zhu Zhu, then nodded, then said to Chen Ping, “Young man, come in ……”

Chen Ping followed the examiner into a room, but the room was fully transparent, in order to just prevent anyone from cheating!

Zhu Zhu, on the other hand, stood outside, watching Chen Ping’s examination, she wanted to see what level Chen Ping, in the end, was at!

“We have a total of nine assessment boxes here, which are the nine levels of Pill Master Third Grade Upper Middle Lower, Fourth Grade Upper Middle Lower, and Fifth Grade Upper Middle Lower!”

“With your own strength, think about which level you want to test, and open which box, you must not overestimate your strength, or you will be so miserable that you will not even pass the test.”

The examiner barked at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded, and then walked straight towards the fifth-grade top-grade box.

The examiner who saw this scene hurriedly reminded, “Young man, you have to recognize your own strength, if you want to gamble on luck, this is not the place to do so!”

And when Zhu Zhu, who was outside, saw Chen Ping walking straight to the fifth-grade top-grade chest, she frowned at once!

“This guy, what does he take the Pill Master test for? How dare he pretend to take the fifth grade upper class, I really don’t know if he’s taken the wrong medicine.”

Pearl said to herself from outside!

But Chen Ping couldn’t even hear it, he directly picked up that fifth grade upper class case!

“Young man, you should know that a fifth-grade top grade elixir can be considered a high-level elixir, and it is very spirit-consuming to refine, and it also has requirements for the spiritual power of the pill refiner.”

“If you insist on choosing to test for the fifth grade upper grade, we won’t be responsible if you get injured during the test, or even hurt your consciousness.”

The examiner warned at Chen Ping.