A Man Like None Other Chapter 2811

“No nonsense, if Mr. Chen had not saved me, I would still be suffering at the hands of the demon cultivators.”

“Hurry up and apologise to Mr Chen ……”

Suo Xing Yue yelled at Zhu Zhu!

Zhu Zhu looked aggrieved, while Chen Ping did graciously say, “Elder Suo, you don’t need to be angry, I really can’t match your disciple’s at this realm!”

Upon hearing this, Suo Xingyue hurriedly said awkwardly, “Mr. Chen, you should not be laying low, even I am not your match, I am afraid that this apprentice of mine would not even be able to receive a slap in your hands!”

On the side, when Zhu Zhu heard that Suo Xingyue was so disparaging, she was very unconvinced, but she didn’t dare to say anything!

“Elder Suo is overpraised ……” Chen Ping smiled indifferently!

“Mr. Chen, you guys have a seat ……” Suo Xingyue greeted Chen Ping and Yih and sat down, then said to Zhu Zhu, “Zhu Zhu, go make tea ……”

Zhu Zhu reluctantly went away, in fact, Suo Xing Yue was to support Zhu Zhu, because he knew that Chen Ping came to find himself well, there must be something!

After Zhu Zhu left, Suo Xingyue turned to Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, I wonder if you are looking for me, is there something wrong?”

“If there is something, just ask, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not excuse myself.”

“But if it’s about the Pill Master Association competition, I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it, even though I’m the judge, but the rules in Jialing County are very strict, so I wouldn’t dare to cheat.”

Suo Xingyue thought that Chen Ping was looking for him at this time because he wanted him to cheat at the pill refining meeting, after all, the Jade Tripod Sect was also here for the competition, and if he could win, there was a very generous reward!

“Elder Suo, you misunderstood, I am not about the pill refining meeting, this friend of mine has been poisoned with a strange poison, causing him to be unable to use his strength.”

“I have examined it, but I can’t do anything about it, so I would like to ask Elder Suo to help me see if there is a way to cure it.”

Chen Ping explained!

Upon hearing this, Suo Xing Yue then looked at Yi He, and after sizing him up twice, a wisp of breath enveloped Yi He’s body.

A moment later, Soh Sing Moon’s brow furrowed and her expression became somewhat serious!

“It’s so strange, since the poisoning has caused the strength to be unavailable, how come I can’t probe the toxins in my body?”

Suo Xing Yue said with a face full of confusion!

“Elder Suo, the poison my friend was poisoned with, the controlling damage is the part of the sea of consciousness, so it can’t be detected in the body.”

Chen Ping said!

Upon hearing this, Suo Xing Yue once again emitted a divine sense and entered within Yi He’s sea of consciousness!

This time, Suo Xing Yue made a discovery and withdrew her divine sense and said, “So that’s it, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of poison, there’s no way to draw a conclusion!”

“How about this, you guys stay here for a bit longer, when my several senior brothers come back, we will consult together to see if there is a way to cure the poison!”

“Then, thank you, Elder Suo.” Chen Ping listened and said with a grateful face!

At this time, Zhu Zhu had already made tea and then poured it for a few people before sizing up Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, I wonder if you’ve come down from your Pill Master ranking test yet?”

Solstice Moon asks the way!

“Examination? It’s not even an exam yet ……”

Chen Ping hadn’t even taken the test yet.

“Mr. Chen, for this pill refining meeting, you must be a licensed pill refiner who has passed the pill master test to participate.”

“The pill refining meeting is about to start, and you haven’t even gone through the test yet!”

Suo Xingyue said with some anxiety!

“Ah?” Chen Ping was a little confused, he hadn’t heard the Third Elder say that, so he asked, “So what now?”

“Mr. Chen, you don’t need to be anxious, there is an examination ground for pill refiners right here in Jialing County, I’ll let Zhu Zhu take you there.”

“With Zhu Zhu leading you, the personnel at that examination ground will more or less give some face, and if it goes well, you will be able to get your pill refiner’s papers today.”

Suo Xing Yue said!

“Master, I still have things to do, I’m not free ……”

When Pearl heard that, she was a bit upset!