A Man Like None Other Chapter 2793

“This Heavenly Thunder Fruit actually carries the power of thunder and lightning?”

Liu Ruyan was filled with surprise!

“Of course, the special thing about this Heavenly Thunder Fruit is this thunder power, I wonder if my strength will increase after eating this Heavenly Thunder Fruit!”

Chen Ping looked at the Heavenly Thunder Fruit in his hand, his eyes filled with anticipation!

“You’ll know if you eat one and try it!”

Liu Ruyan said!

But Chen Ping shook his head “This Heavenly Thunder Fruit needs to be refined if you eat it, it looks like it should not be easy to refine this Heavenly Thunder Fruit, if you miss the Pill Master meeting, it will be troublesome, let’s eat it afterwards!”

Chen Ping put the Heavenly Thunder Fruit away again, if he missed the Pill Master Meeting because of the refining of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, it would be more than worth the loss!

After all, the Heavenly Thunder Fruit was already in his hands and he could eat it anytime, but the Pill Master Meeting was only held once a year!

“Let’s sleep ……”

Liu Ruyan looked at Chen Ping and blushed slightly!

Chen Ping nodded, then laid down on the bed, while Liu Ruyan, seeing this, directly lay down on top of Chen Ping!

This time, Chen Ping did not refuse!

This night, on the other hand, the room was filled with springtime and Liu Ruyan’s blissful noises kept coming out!

Early the next morning, the Third Elder and Yih walked out of the room with dark circles under their eyes!

They hadn’t slept well this night, nor had they slept well at all!

When Liu Ruyan came out of her room with a happy face, she blushed with embarrassment when she saw the Third Elder and Yih, and hurriedly stepped aside!

“Mr. Chen, did you have a good sleep last night?”

The Third Elder looked at Chen Ping who walked out and asked with a slightly playful smile!

“It was fine ……”

Chen Ping smiled lightly, after all, they were all over, there was nothing to be ashamed of!

“There are still two days left before the Pill Master Meeting, I’ll take Mr. Chen for a casual look around Jialing County ……”

“Mr. Chen drop by and see what you need in this Jialing County, there will be all kinds of rare herbs here.”

The Third Elder wanted to take Chen Ping to see which herbs could cure the poison on Yih!

Only that Chen Ping didn’t know what poison Yih was suffering from at all right now and couldn’t probe it out, so there was no way to use the medicine!

But Chen Ping was more interested in the few rings in Jialing County!

“Third Elder, there will be no herbs to look at, when the pill refining meeting comes around, all sorts of herbs and pills will appear.”

“Let’s go around to the rings and see what’s interesting ……”

Chen Ping said!

The Third Elder nodded, then led Chen Ping and the others out of the courtyard!

“Mr. Chen, which ring are we going to? These four rings in the southeast and northwest, each ring represents a different realm!”

“The eastern ring is from the First Grade of the Combined Body Realm to the Third Grade of the Combined Body Realm, and the southern ring is from the Fourth Grade of the Combined Body Realm to the Sixth Grade of the Combined Body Realm.”

“The western ring is for the seventh grade to the eighth grade of the Combined Body Realm, and the ring in the far north is for the peak of the ninth grade of the Combined Body Realm.”

“This inner city’s rings are all for Combination Realm cultivators only, while the outer city’s rings are for those Transformation Realm cultivators.”

“As for the Transmigration stage cultivators, they are not allowed to fight in the ring, after all, when they reach the Transmigration stage, their strength grows geometrically and their destructive power is too great.”

“If the rush of the transmigration stage cultivators fought in this Jialing County, it’s possible that the entire Jialing County would become a ruin!”

The Third Elder carefully explained the various rings to Chen Ping.

“Could it be that only the two sides of a grudge can go up to this ring and fight?”

Chen Ping asked!

“That’s not necessarily the case, usually the bouts are just to bet against each other and to win resources, if only grudges could go up to the ring, then so many rings would have been deserted long ago.”

The Third Elder said!

As soon as Chen Ping heard that, he understood that these rings were just a small gambling arena, but that was the only way to attract more people!

“Let’s go, let’s go to the eastern ring first.”

Chen Ping said!