A Man Like None Other Chapter 2787

“Hmph, what an ignorant person who doesn’t even know the most authentic Supreme Flame, and still dares to call himself the Inferno Demon lineage ……”

Chen Ping snorted coldly!

The lean old man looked at Chen Ping’s appearance and did not look like he was lying, so he frowned and said “Could this really be the most authentic Supreme Flame you have? Are you also a demon cultivator of the Inferno Demon lineage?”

“But I don’t sense the aura of a demon from your body, could it be that you have also taken the Hidden Qi Pill?”

The lean old man’s words made Chen Ping stare, Chen Ping didn’t quite know, what this Hidden Qi Pill was!

Seeing this, Suo Xingyue hurriedly explained, “This Hidden Qi Pill is unique to our Dan Yang Clan, it can conceal the aura of your body, so that people cannot easily detect it!”

“In particular, it can eliminate the demon’s aura, allowing demon cultivators to live a normal life.”

“It is because of this that these devil cultivators have caught me and asked me to refine the Hidden Qi Pill for them, only because my skills in refining the Hidden Qi Pill are lacking, so the effectiveness of the Hidden Qi Pill will not last long.”

“This time, stopping here to recuperate is because the efficacy of the Hidden Qi Pill will soon be gone, so I was asked to refine the pill again.”

Suo Xing Yue’s words made Chen Ping then understand why these demon cultivators dared to walk so openly!

“Could it be that your Danyang Sect often follows and collaborates with demonic cultivators?”

Chen Ping asked!

After all, this Hidden Qi Pill was simply a miracle pill for devil cultivators, so the biggest market for refining this Hidden Qi Pill should be for devil cultivators to take!

Suo Xingyue’s face was full of embarrassment, but in the end, she nodded and said, “We do often sell this Hidden Qi Pill to some demon cultivators, but we are also selective and will not cooperate with all demon cultivators.”

“Like this group of demon cultivators, they are very evil and have killed many people.

As Chen Ping listened, he also understood that it seemed that this Danyang Sect was not like other sects that drove out and killed all the people of the demon race without asking questions when they saw them.

After all, there were good people within the devil clan, like the devilish old woman Chen Ping had met, who had taken the initiative to stand out and give herself the devil pearl so as not to implicate others!

“You don’t know about the Hidden Qi Pill, so it seems that you aren’t from the Devil Clan, so what exactly are you? Why do you know the Supreme Flame of our Inferno Demon Clan?”

The lean old man heard Chen Ping and Suo Xing Yue talking and asked!

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you’ve been sentenced to death by me ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently!

“Hmph, big talk ……”

The lean old man snorted coldly, then flames rose up in his palms, followed by his entire body beginning to swell up!

“Running Thunder Palm ……”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly as his palms flipped and he suddenly swung out towards the mid-air!

With a rumbling sound, the sky suddenly became darker!

The lean old man was startled and hurriedly looked up to find that a huge palm had appeared above his head!

The palm kept pressing downwards, and the endless pressure caused the flames on the lean old man’s body to begin to gradually extinguish!

The lean old man’s eyes were filled with horror, he was a sixth-ranked member of the Harmonious Body Realm, but under the pressure of Chen Ping’s palm, a second-ranked member of the Harmonious Body Realm, he felt the aura of death!

The lean old man knew that he had met a tough fighter, so he turned around and tried to escape!

Unfortunately, the moment the lean old man turned around, a piercing bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from that huge palm in the sky!

It struck the lean old man’s body, directly knocking him to the ground!

Boom boom boom …………

A bolt of lightning struck down, continuously blasting the lean old man’s body!

Seeing this scene, Suo Xingyue was all confused, he really couldn’t understand how on earth Chen Ping, who was at the second rank of the Combined Body realm, had exploded with such power to slap a cultivator at the sixth rank of the Combined Body realm to the ground with a single slap!